Independent and trusted reviews and tests nutrition products, including information about fast food, salt, sweeteners, and wholegrains.


The takeaway dilemma

CHOICE compares the most popular dishes and provides healthier, cheaper alternatives.

21 May 2009 | Although there’s nothing wrong with takeaways occasionally, many contain too much salt and saturated fat for regular eating.

Whole grains

Whole grains - healthy or hype?

There are five good reasons to include more wholegrains in your diet.

7 Aug 2008 | Wholegrains have become a marketing tool food companies use to convince us to buy one product over another.

Low fat yoghurt

Food to lower your cholesterol

Which ones give you the most bang for your buck?

14 Mar 2008 | Eating 2–3g per day of plant sterols in the form of enriched spread, yoghurt, milk or a combination of these products can help lower your cholesterol.


Low-fat yoghurt

Some low-fat yoghurts have so much sugar they can be more fattening than full-fat.

15 May 2007 | Lots of yoghurts with a 'lite' or 'low fat' claim contain so much sugar you’d be eating more kilojoules than in a full-fat yoghurt.

Fresh vegies with tinned vegies

Are fresh vegies better?

Frozen vegetables can have higher levels of important nutrients, such as vitamin C, than fresh.

13 Mar 2007 | We wanted to compare the vitamin levels in a range of fresh raw, fresh cooked, frozen and canned vegies to see which were more nutritious.

Potato chips

Foods that make kids fatter faster

Plenty of everyday foods from the supermarket can be just as fattening as fast food.

22 Jan 2007 | Plenty of everyday products from the supermarket can be just as fattening as fast food. Often they’re aimed at kids, and even promoted as healthy.


Bread and superbread

Can bread really make you brainier?

15 Sep 2006 | Claims that certain breads keep you regular, are good for your heart, or make your kids brainier are mainly marketing hype. The healthiest breads are those made from whole grains — plain old wholemeal and multigrain.


Protein bars and shakes review and compare

Do you really need them?

1 Jul 2006 | It’s likely only elite athletes really benefit from protein bars and drinks. For the rest of us, they’re just an additional source of kilojoules and little more than an expensive snack.

healthy food - orange juice

Healthy food guide - fast food

Some "healthy" fast-food options aren't much better than a Big Mac.

3 Jan 2006 | Three "healthy" options out-Mac a Big Mac when it comes to fat and salt and seven more come close and all 10 are fattier than a KFC Original Fillet Burger.


Iron - are you getting enough?

The facts on the most common nutritional deficiency in the world and what to do about it.

1 Nov 2005 | Women of child-bearing age are most at risk of too little iron and there are different types of iron found in food and they are absorbed differently.

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