Supermarket ready meals

From shelf to microwave, they're ready in minutes. But are these packaged meals any good?
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03.What to buy

These products are low in fat and saturated fat with moderate salt, and get the CHOICE taste panel’s vote for taste.


Enjoyo Indian Butter Chicken & Rice
Tasters’ comments

  • “Quite spicy. Seems to be generous with chicken bits.”
  • “Compares with a restaurant meal (a cheap one, obviously).”
  • “Good curry flavour with bit of a kick.”



Ready-meals-heinz-eatBEEF- AND TOMATO-BASED PASTA

Heinz Big Eat Spaghetti Bolognese
Tasters’ comments

  • “Rich, but not overpowering. In one word: hearty.”
  • “Flavour is good, but the spaghetti is too short and too limp.”
  • “Smells nice and tomatoey.”




Enjoyo Beef Stroganoff & Rice
Tasters’ comments

  • “The rice is too gluggy, but the stroganoff tastes better than it looks.”
  • “Looks bad but tastes quite good. The rice is very gluggy.”
  • “A bit sloppy-looking, big bits of mushroom; meat could be a bit bigger.”




Ready-meals-heinzHeinz Three Cheese* Tortellini Creamy Pumpkin & Roasted Garlic

Tasters’ comments

  • “Quite yummy. Not heavy, despite three cheeses and garlic. Could taste pumpkin.”
  • “Tastes really nice – like there may be some blue cheese in it.”
  • “Beautiful colour and smells of pumpkin.”

 *produced using animal rennet


Ready-meals-pastaLeggo’s Pasta Meals Napoletana

Tasters’ comments

  • “Looks and smells good. Pasta not too soft or hard.”
  • “The pasta is good and the sauce tasted good – just the right amount.”
  • “Sauce is OK but a bit bland. Needs spices and more herbs.”

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