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There’s more to this cheese of ancient origins than meets the eye.
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02.Results table

Brand / product (in rank order) Total Score Milk type Country of origin Price/kg ($)
Lemnos Fetta Cheese Goat's Milk 16.75 Goat Australia 40.50
Elco Gourmet Australian Greek-Style Feta 16.5 Cow Australia 17.45
Emporium Selection Feta Cheese Greek Style 15.75 Cow Australia 13.45
Lemnos Fetta Cheese 15.25 Cow Australia 25.50
Lemnos Fetta Cheese Sheeps Milk 14.75 Sheep Australia 36.11
You’ll Love Coles Australian-style Fetta 14.5 Cow Australia 14.45
Fage Authentic Greek Feta (A) (B) 14.25 Ewe and goat Greece 27.45
Lemnos Fetta Cheese Organic 14 Cow Australia 33.06
You’ll Love Coles Danish-style Fetta 13.75 Cow Australia 14.45
Hillwood Tasmanian Cheeses Greek Style Feta 13.75 Cow Australia 13.75
Tamar Valley Cow’s Feta 13.5 Cow Australia 16.45
South Cape Fetta in Brine 13.25 Cow Australia 25.96
South Cape Tasmanian Goats Fetta 13.25 Goat Australia 38.25
Elco Gourmet Australian Goats Milk Feta 13.25 Goat Australia 29.95
Dodoni Feta Cheese (A) (B) 13.25 Sheep and goat Greece 27.95
Kebia Bulgarian Sheeps Milk Feta Cheese Original (B) 13.25 Sheep Bulgaria 16.62
South Cape Tasmanian Fetta 13 Cow Australia 23.45
Tamar Valley Goat's Feta 13 Goat Australia 34.95
Hillwood Tasmanian Cheeses Ultimate Feta 12.75 Cow Australia 14.25
Margaret River Dairy Company Australian Feta Original 12 Cow Australia 26.94
Clover Creek Greek Style Australian Fetta (C) 12 Cow Australia 22.45
Lemnos Fetta Cheese Smooth 12 Cow Australia 16.45
Emporium Selection Feta Cheese Danish Style 12 Cow Australia 13.45
Nisi Danish Style Fetta (B) 11.5 Cow Denmark 19.95
Mayers Fetta 10.75 Cow Denmark 12.68
Dodoni Aegean Bites Marinated Feta (B) 15.25 Sheep and goat Greek feta, packed in Australia 36.47
Arla Apetina Danish Feta With Spices 14.5 Cow Denmark 24.20
Margaret River Dairy Company Black Label Marinated Feta 13.5 Cow Australia 41.95
South Cape Persian Fetta 13 Cow Australia 37.72
Emporium Selection Goat's Feta Marinated 12.75 Goat Australia 15.14
South Cape Marinated Fetta 12.75 Cow Australia 28.54
Timboon Organic Gourmet Fetta 12.5 Cow Australia 31.96
Emporium Selection Cow's Feta Marinated 12.5 Cow Australia 15.11
Binnorie Dairy Marinated Fetta 11.75 Cow Australia 34.30

Table notes

The experts tasted the cheeses (without knowing the brands) and agreed on a score following a 20-point system, similar to that used in judging cheese shows — a maximum of 10 for flavour and aroma, six for texture and four for presentation.
This is based on what we paid in Sydney in April 2008.
ns Not stated
(A) This feta has PDO status.
(B) Dodoni Feta Cheese is made using animal rennet. Other products with this footnote don’t specify the type of rennet used. All products without this footnote are made using non-animal rennet.
(C) Brand changing to South Cape.


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