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pizza slice

Best and worst frozen pizzas

Is a gourmet image on a frozen pizza box an indicator of better taste?

21 Jan 2014 | CHOICE reviews 50 frozen pizzas and finds that an enticing gourmet image is no guarantee of superior taste or a healthier meal.

Are you falling for free-range porkies?

Free range pork and turkey

The lack of a clear definition of free range makes it difficult for consumers to know exactly how Australian free-range meat is farmed

6 Dec 2013 | Producers and retailers are free to make their own decisions about free-range labelling, making it hard for consumers to know just how "free range" their ham, pork, bacon and turkey really is.


What's in a sausage?

It’s hard to tell exactly what's in a sausage; you might get more – or less – than you bargained for

19 Jul 2013 | It's hard to tell exactly what's in a sausage, and sometimes you'll get more - or less - than you bargained for.


Liquid breakfasts

The number of on-the-go breakfast drinks is growing, but is convenience trumping nutrition?

24 Jun 2013 | Tapping into consumers’ increasing demand for meals on the go, liquid breakfasts are a growing category in the shopping aisles. These drinks quick and convenient, but we look at whether their health claims stack up.


Supermarket and bakery bread review

Modern bread processing methods have completely changed the way our daily loaf is made.

4 Jun 2013 | Bread has changed thanks to modern processing methods and additives. We investigate what's in supermarket and bakery breads and help you choose a healthy crust.


Stevia 'natural' sugar substitute

Will low-kilojoule sweetener stevia revolutionise the way we flavour our food?

26 Mar 2013 | Stevia is hailed as a zero-kilojoule natural sweetener that will help reduce the amount of sugar we consume. But just how natural is it?

Beef production

What's your beef

... and where did it come from? How much do you know about your steak's journey from paddock to plate?

7 Feb 2013 | From direct sales between farmer and butcher, to a complex chain of agents, finishers, processors and wholesales, the path from paddock to plate can vary widely.


Christmas pudding reviews

When it comes to Christmas puds, it pays not to be a scrooge.

3 Dec 2012 | We've blind taste tested 14 Christmas puddings to find out which ones are worthy of being the grand finale to your celebratory feast.

Breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereal reviews

Which cereals make the nutritional grade?

4 Oct 2012 | We look beyond the names and claims to uncover the breakfast cereals that provide the most nutritious start to your day.


Cake mix reviews

Cake mixes are convenient, but making a cake from scratch can be just as easy.

9 May 2012 | We taste-tested 19 chocolate and eight vanilla cake mixes, including varieties from White Wings, Betty Crocker and Coles.

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