cuttle fish 2-001

Cuttlefish chips

Cuttle fish chips with rocket and parmesan salad

17 Sep 2010 | A sharp taste of parmesan to juxtapose the cuttlefish chips.


Salmon patties

CHOICE recipe for Salmon patties

13 Aug 2010 | Using our celeriac or parsnip mash, these winter goodies are a perfect main or side.


Tuna Mush

CHOICE recipe for Tuna mush

13 Aug 2010 | A delicious side dish incorporating tuna, egg and mayonnaise.


Fish and potato bake

CHOICE recipe for fish and potato bake

5 Aug 2010 | A savoury main incorporating salmon, lemon and cheese.


Pan Fried Whiting with Lemon Butter

A simple and delicious method for cooking whiting

30 Jun 2010 | A herbed butter akes this fish recipe delicious with tangy lemon

CHOICE recipe prawns in champagne

Prawns in champagne

CHOICE recipe for prawns in champagne

24 Jun 2010 | This unusual and rather hedonistic combination works with a great result


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