chili shredded beef

Slow cooked chili shredded beef

A delicious, affordable way to feed the family.

2 Feb 2011 | Warm any kitchen table with this hearty slow cooked meal.


Slow cooked corned beef

A perfect dish for your slow cooker.

20 Jan 2011 | Set up your slow cooker in the morning and come home at the end of the day to delicious corned beef


Veal goulash

A delicious savoury treat perfectly suited to a slow cooker.

17 Jan 2011 | A warm, hearty meal best enjoyed with a small dollop of sour cream.


Vegetarian goulash

A tasty vegetarian dish.

14 Jan 2011 | Cook's CHOICE cooks up a tasty vegetarian dish.


Piri piri chicken

The perfect addition to any barbecue meal.

5 Nov 2010 | Sample our tasty chicken recipe, best served with our fresh, summer salads.


Oven roasted chicken

Play around with some herbs to create a tasty oven roasted chicken

4 Nov 2010 | Herbs add the final touch to your oven roasted chicken

Barbecue chicken

Barbecue chicken

CHOICE recipe for a mouth-watering barbecue chicken

4 Nov 2010 | Use your barbecue this summer to cook a whole chicken


Turkey Schnitzel

Turkey steaks floured and battered

17 Sep 2010 | Delicious turkey schnitzel but the process can be used for chicken or pork.


Osso Bucco

CHOICE recipe for Osso Bucco

5 Aug 2010 | A classic dish, perfect for those winter months.

CHOICE recipe turkey meat balls

Turkey meat balls

CHOICE recipe for turkey meat balls with our blend of herbs and spices

8 Jun 2010 | Turkey meat makes the core of this tasty recipe, with spices creating the delicious flavour

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