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  • Updated:1 Aug 2006


What to buy

  • GRO-YEARS Gro-Time C25 Lara # $449
  • CHILDCARE Stirling 091120-010 # $350
  • IKEA Diktad 14036 # $399

# Discontinued.

What about the rest?

From November 1, 2006 all cots must comply with the current Australian Standard (AS 2172:2003) which was amended in January 2006. We believe this updated Standard is more stringent and therefore safer.

Two cots, the BERTINI and BABYHOOD models, failed to make the new requirements.

  • The BERTINI failed because the distance between the mattress in its centred position and the cot sides was slightly more than the required maximum of 20 mm. This means a standard 690 mm mattress, which its instructions recommend, is a little too small for the cot. The manufacturer says it is currently addressing this issue.
  • The BABYHOOD’s dropside doesn’t move up and down freely, is noisy and can be difficult to open. We tested two different samples of the same model and found the problem was consistent. This model also has decorative transfers on the outside of the cot that can be removed without the use of a tool (a choking hazard). We spoke to the manufacturer who has confirmed that due to ongoing issues with this cot it will be discontinued and replaced in October with a new model.
  • The KINGPARROT*, LOVE N CARE, MALI, REGENT and SUNBURY are all fine, apart from minor problems with labelling and packaging, but they’re more expensive than the two models in the What to buy list that have similar problems. But if you like the look of them for your decor, they’re safe and should be durable.

* Update: The manufacturers of the KINGPARROT and IKEA cots have advised us that these cots have been updated since our test and they now meet the requirements of the 2003 standard.


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Results table

Brand and Model Dropside mechanism3 Teething strips4 Castors / brakes Junior bed conversion kit included Recommended mattress size, Width x Length x Thickness (mm) Dimensions, H x W x L (cm)* Warranty (years) Origin Manufacturer/ distributor Price ($) **
Passed all requirements1 + 2
GRO-YEARS Gro-Time C25 Lara # 2 slide buttons Yes 4 / 4 Yes 680 x 1300 x 130 119 x 76 x 138 5 Australia Gro-Years 449
Passed all safety and durability requirements.1 Failed some information or other requirements.2
CHILDCARE Stirling 091120-010 # (A) 2 pushbuttons No 4 / 4 No 690 x 1300 x 100-150 108 x 78 x 139 1 China Childcare / C.O. White 350
IKEA Diktad 14036 # No dropside No none Yes 700 x 1320 x 90-120 93 x 79 x 137 Not stated Romania Ikea 399
KINGPARROT Ulur # (B) Lift and push No 4 / 4 No 680 x 1310 x 100-120 113 x 78 x 138 2 China Boori 500
LOVE N CARE Vogue 2 levers No none Yes 690 x 1300 x 100 110 x 86 x 138 1 China Love N Care 599
MALI ISMF005 Baby, Internal slides 2 pushbuttons No 2 / 2 Yes 690 x 1295 x 100-150 110 x 77 x 134 4 Australia Mali 600
REGENT Gembrooke Lift and push No 2 / - No 655 x 1290 x 100-150 113 x 76 x 135 Not stated Australia Babyco 500
SUNBURY Dreamtime C102 2 pushbuttons Yes 4 / 4 Yes 690 x 1300 x 100-130 112 x 78 x 136 5 Australia Sunbury 539
Failed a safety or durability requirement
BABYHOOD Sleigh SBB-137001 # (C) Lift and push Yes 4 / 4 No 685-695 x 1290-1300 x 100-150 108 x 75 x 150 Not stated Vietnam Babyhood / Bambini 459
BERTINI Isabella 5707 # Lift and push Yes none Yes 690 x 1300 x 100 112 x 87 x 140 1 China IGC 540

Table notes

# Discontinued.

* Maximum dimensions when in use, rounded up to the nearest cm.
** Average or recommended retail price as advised by manufacturers in July/August 2006, or the price we paid.
(A) Discontinued; replaced by new model, the Stirling XT 091122, RRP $450. This includes a junior bed conversion kit.
(B) Discontinued; replaced by new model with the same name, which includes a new base to allow conversion to junior bed.
(C) Discontinued; new model available in October, with the same name but different dropside.

1 Passed all essential safety and durability requirements – The requirements in the latest (2003) standard were used as the basis for evaluating the cots for safety and durability (design and construction). This standard becomes mandatory (instead of the older, slightly less rigorous standard) on 1 November 2006.

2 Information and other requirements – To fully meet the 2003 standard, cots also need to meet certain requirements about informative labelling, packaging, markings, toys included and transfers. Only the GRO-YEARS met all of these as well as all passing the safety and durability tests.

3 Dropside mechanism – How the dropside is operated: by slide buttons, pushbuttons, levers or lift and push. Try dropsides out in the shop — different people prefer different mechanisms.

4 Teething strips – This is a plastic strip on the wooden edge(s) of the cot so that neither the baby nor the cot is damaged if they chew on it.