Governments get cracking on free range

13 Jun 2014 | CHOICE says the decision today by the nation’s consumer affairs ministers to commence the development of a draft National Information Standard for free-range eggs is great news for consumers who have been paying a premium for dodgy free-range eggs for far too long.

Pain pills hurting the hip pocket

12 Jun 2014 | When you’re in pain drug companies know you’re up for paying a premium if you believe a pill will relieve your pain faster or target a particular part of your body. In reality the only relief their targeted marketing claims provide is to the weight of your wallet.

CHOICE says time to axe the Australia Tax

11 Jun 2014 | CHOICE has called on the Federal Government’s Competition Policy Review to axe the ‘Australia tax’ and give consumers the benefits of more competition from overseas markets.

New research finds home insurance harder to come by in a time of climate change

5 Jun 2014 | Homebuyers are being warned that extreme weather risk combined climate events could double the price of a home insurance premium and erode property values in some areas by up to 40 per cent within the term of a mortgage, according to new research commissioned by The Climate Institute in partnership with consumer group CHOICE.

Media alert - Home buyers must factor in climate change

5 Jun 2014 | The Climate Institute, in partnership with consumer group CHOICE, is launching a report on how the home insurance industry is pricing extreme weather risk.

Online airfare pricing porkies

4 Jun 2014 | Have you ever felt under pressure when booking a flight online? A CHOICE review of the online booking processes on Virgin, Qantas and Expedia found consumers are fed dubious messages about available seats to encourage them to purchase tickets.

CHOICE wheys up yoghurt options

3 Jun 2014 | Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has looked at yoghurt products and found that while they are often marketed as healthy, low fat, calcium rich options for kids and adults alike, the truth is some are more like dairy-based desserts.

Media alert - Another storm brewing for retirees

22 May 2014 | Consumer advocate CHOICE will call on the Federal Government to abandon its proposed wind-back of financial advice protections following its appearance at today’s Senate Committee hearings into the Government’s changes to the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) laws.

Households hit by health funding cuts

13 May 2014 | CHOICE says increased costs of medicines and GP visits will strike deep

Media alert - CHOICE responds to the Federal Budget

12 May 2014 | CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland will be available in Parliament House to provide a consumer perspective on the 2014 Federal Budget, including on how key measures will impact on everyday cost of living and services.

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