CHOICE says all state and territory Governments should put an end excessive taxi surcharges

8 Apr 2014 | CHOICE has welcomed the news that the NSW government will follow Victoria’s lead and slash excessive taxi surcharges, and is calling for other state and territory governments to follow suit.

CHOICE welcomes Competition Review terms of reference

27 Mar 2014 | CHOICE says the Competition Review stands to deliver tangible benefits to Australian consumers

The great surcharge price gouge continues

18 Mar 2014 | CHOICE says 12 months on from the introduction of rules designed to rein in excessive credit card surcharges, Australia’s worst surcharge offenders are continuing to take consumers for a ride.

Lunchbox stars revealed

17 Mar 2014 | CHOICE put popular lunchbox items to the test in a new analysis using the Health Star rating system and found significant variations in the nutritional profile of the products.

The Body Shop removes products from sale in China

13 Mar 2014 | CHOICE has welcomed The Body Shop’s decision to “temporarily” remove its products from sale in China.

Do you know what is on your credit report?

12 Mar 2014 | CHOICE says it’s time to get your free credit report as new credit reporting rules come into force

Are The Body Shop's cruelty free claims just cosmetic?

11 Mar 2014 | CHOICE says The Body Shop has been selling products in China where they are at risk of being tested on animals. This is in direct conflict with the business's ethical marketing claims.


What krafty companies dont want you to know

26 Feb 2014 | CHOICE has used the recently released Health Star Rating Calculator to compare a selection of supermarket favourites, finding few stars among the offerings from food giant Mondelez, the parent company of Kraft, Cadbury, Nabisco and Oreo.

Premium SMS warning

24 Feb 2014 | Parents should be on the lookout for dodgy guerilla marketing teams who are reportedly pushing premium SMS services on children as young as 14 on their way home from school.

Government strikes out on internet policy

21 Feb 2014 | CHOICE is calling on the Federal Government not to introduce so-called ‘three strikes’ anti-piracy measures, which it says will push Australia into the digital dark ages.

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