684 000 households are paying for content through international stores

21 Nov 2014 | New research from CHOICE has found an increasing number of Australians are dodging online geoblocks and purchasing movies and TV shows directly from overseas.

Time to call an end to the financial advice debate

20 Nov 2014 | CHOICE has welcomed the Senate’s decision to restore essential financial advice protections to Australians and is calling on the government to end the uncertainty that has plagued the industry by abandoning plans for any further changes to the law.

Senators stand up to save consumer protections

19 Nov 2014 | CHOICE applauds Senators who have announced they will repeal regulations that removed essential protections for consumers seeking financial advice.

Flying blind with opt in insurance

14 Nov 2014 | A CHOICE review of travel insurance offered by Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin has found auto-selecting a policy when purchasing a plane ticket online can leave you grappling with exclusions and over paying for your travel insurance.

Bank to return nabbed late fees

12 Nov 2014 | CHOICE has welcomed the decision by NAB to settle a class action over unfair late payment fees and believes it sends a clear signal that other businesses should follow suit.

Consumer report reveals growing economic gloom

1 Nov 2014 | CHOICE has released its latest national Consumer Pulse Report, revealing growing pessimism over the state of Australia’s economy.

Avoiding rotten rentals

31 Oct 2014 | Renting a roof over your head can be the most affordable and often only option for millions of Australians but if you don’t know your rights lazy landlords can leave you languishing in damp, dangerous and dingy digs.

Report finds billions lost to toxic banking

28 Oct 2014 | Consumer advocates from across the globe have collaborated to report on the global cost to consumers from toxic banking practices such as inappropriate sales incentives. The report comes as the Australian Senate is set to vote on the Bill to finalise the removal of financial advice protections in Australia.

Made in claims should be taken with a grain of salt

27 Oct 2014 | CHOICE welcomes the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry’s recommendation that food country of origin labelling needs to change but believes the Committee has missed an opportunity to simplify the system for consumers.

What are we trading away?

24 Oct 2014 | CHOICE is calling on the Government to reveal what Australia is trading away in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) trade discussions being held in secret in Sydney tomorrow.

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