Liquid breakfasts should up and go

25 Jun 2013 | A CHOICE investigation into 23 liquid breakfast products including Sanitarium’s Up & Go, Devondale Fast Start, Kellogg’s breakfast drinks, Vitasoy Vitago, Dairy Farmers Oats Express and Aldi Goldenvale Quick Start has found a spate of dodgy nutritional claims.

Winter wheat bag warning

20 Jun 2013 | Following a joint CHOICE and Channel 7 News investigation, it has been found that children’s cuddly toys containing wheat bags needed only a few minutes in the microwave to pose a potentially deadly threat to consumers.

New star rating to help consumers choose healthier products

14 Jun 2013 | In a major win for Australian consumers, a new star rating system for food nutrition has been approved by the nation’s food and health ministers in Sydney today.

Health insurance rip off

13 Jun 2013 | A CHOICE investigation into the Australian health insurance industry looking at more than 25,000 health insurance1 policies has found that 19% of health expenditure comes directly from the pockets of Australian consumers and isn’t rebated by Medicare, which is the highest contribution of all English-speaking countries.

Bottled water has consumers boiling

7 Jun 2013 | CHOICE has calculated that Australians are paying 2000 times more than the cost of tap water to drink from a bottle even though 93% of households are connected to town water.

Credit card surcharges need government action

29 May 2013 | A new survey commissioned by CHOICE has found that close to half of Australians who reported paying a credit card surcharge in the last three months say they were not offered or made aware of an alternative, surcharge-free payment method.1

CHOICE says palm oil is being unclearly labelled

21 May 2013 | CHOICE says unclear labelling of products containing palm oil is not allowing consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Tom Godfrey Headshot Low Res

CHOICE welcomes new head of media Tom Godfrey

10 May 2013 | CHOICE today announced that Tom Godfrey will take on the role of Head of Media, bringing with him over 15 years of experience in public relations, corporate communications and digital media strategy.

Consumers misled on animal testing

6 May 2013 | While major cosmetic companies are purporting to be ‘cruelty-free’, a CHOICE investigation has found their websites, packaging and sales staff are failing to inform Australian customers that their beauty products are tested on animals in China.

SimCity limits

18 Apr 2013 | In response to ongoing problems with the latest release of Electronic Art’s (EA) SimCity CHOICE has published a guide advising consumers on how they can get a refund on the game.

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