China dreaming

04 Mar 14 02:25PM EST
Post by Matthew Steen  Matthew Steen Google Plus
We recently went to China for a bit of a holiday, to see all the amazing growth that is going on in that country. And to get yet another lesson in the old adage, "you get what you pay for".

There are a lot of cheap goods in China, in particular Shanghai. We found that if you buy cheap, don't expect it to last long. Like any other cheap marketplace in the world, the cheaper end of the market means great bargains, but more throwaway items.

In this particular case, we purchased;

1) a USB charger cord that split into two phone chargers - one for Apple's most recent "Lightning" charger, and the normal Android phone charger point, $6
2) a bluetooth speaker that packed a punch of sound in the shop, $8, and,
3) an emergency battery charger that holds a charge that you can recharge your phone with, $8.

All three of these items failed within a week of getting home. 

The cord failed first, stopping for no particular reason that we could discern.

The bluetooth speaker stopped accepting a bluetooth signal, making it essentially worthless.

Finally, the emergency phone recharger? It managed to last the longest, probably because we used it the least frequently. It managed to charge once and did about 2% of the phone charge before dying. It still lives, but we pretty much consider this pointless.

What's the lesson? In Australia you are covered under the Australian Consumer Law, or ACL - but if you buy no name brands from no name stores, you have Buckley's Chance of getting anything sorted. 

So if you want to throw your money away - these markets are an ideal way to do so - if you want to actually have functioning electronic goods, I think you should wait until you're back in Australia and covered.

Have you ever purchased something in a different country, for it to suddenly expire? What resource did you have, if any?


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