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21 Sep 09 08:30AM EST
Post by Nick Stace

I’d like to personally welcome you to the new site. All the improvements have been based on your feedback and we will continue to make changes that work for you. Please let me know what you think of the site — the good, the bad and the ugly.

From the day I started just over 6 months ago, I’ve spent every day on the telephone to members to find out what we can do better and to hear about the consumer issues that people face. Our members have my direct telephone number because I want CHOICE to be in touch with what matters to you.

This blog is another way for me to reach out to our 200,000 members and beyond so that more people can find out why everyone loves CHOICE, well not everyone (consumers love us, some corporations don’t!). We’re a unique not for profit organisation working in the public interest, speaking out on behalf of consumers without fear or favour; we’re trusted by the public and feared by some big corporates.

Aside from our website and suite of magazines, we also campaign for change in markets that don’t work in the consumer interest, for example in the groceries sector, retail banking or telcos. As a result of our campaigning we have got many banks to remove their penalty fees; Telstra to listen and respond positively to consumers not wanting to pay a penalty fee for paying cash; and we’re your shopping champion when it comes to groceries.

I’ve recently given evidence to the Senate inquiry into GroceryCHOICE (what a baptism of fire!) and took the opportunity to spell out our campaign to create a more dynamic and competitive groceries sector.

CHOICE has a vision for Australians to be the most savvy and active consumers in the world, it’s our role to help unlock the power of consumers through the information, advice and support we provide.  We trust the new CHOICE  website will help to further our vision and be indispensible to you. Do let me know.

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