Escalator action proves goal is achieveable

12 Oct 09 03:58PM EST
Post by Nick Stace
I’m just back from a week on Boomerang beach. What a great place even if the sun didn’t shine! I’m realising that come rain or shine the Aussie outdoor spirit is contagious and I even felt compelled to take off my rain jacket each day for a dip in the surf.

We arrived back yesterday and I was instantly taken away from the calmness of a holiday to the slightly faster pace of public transport in Sydney. Having had a week without any cares I was immediately reprimanded by a woman for standing on the wrong side of the escalator with my stroller and 18-month-old baby. I was taken aback, not because I thought she was wrong because she was right, not for her rudeness because she was polite, but because she was prepared to tackle a complete stranger about an issue that was affecting others. I felt a little chastised but delighted to live in a country that hasn’t lost that all important characteristic of pointing out a wrong to create a right and an environment which thrives on human contact and engagement.

Apart from looking at every day to make sure it was working well for our members (which it now is), I also reflected on the amazing media coverage surrounding Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi. His immunity from prosecution has been lifted and with it the lid on the Prime Minister’s (long live Berlusconi, long live Italy) modesty. Although amusing and compelling reading, it is a reminder that politicians must never reach beyond the concerns of the public, whether it’s the price of bread or the impact of the GFC on hard-working people. And it’s the strength of a democracy which facilitates action being taken by people every day that creates a society that’s worth living in.

So I came back to work refreshed by a week’s break; revitalised by public action on a Sydney escalator and more sure in my belief that CHOICE’s vision for Australians to be the most savvy and active consumers in the world, is actually achievable.

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