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16 Nov 09 02:52PM EST
Post by Nick Stace

Organisations like CHOICE have nothing to fear from transparency, it’s what we tell others, it’s what we practice ourselves. The last few weeks have been difficult for CHOICE because of the credit card issue (mentioned in my last two blogs), but we are more focused now than ever before on what it is we must do to have a successful future, and one that serves our members first.

Whether you’re Prime Minister or the most successful consumer group in the world, the day you don’t ask yourself ‘what more can we do to serve our people better’, is the day you don’t deserve the support of the people who give you the privilege of serving them. Without our members we don’t exist and if we don’t serve them to the best of our abilities, we don’t deserve to exist.

Every day I speak to our members because I know that we owe it to them to be the very best we can be. I’ve also set up a Consumer Insight team to recommend changes to our products and services that reflect what our members want. Our task at CHOICE is to constantly renovate our products and to innovate in new areas that will meet our member’s needs.

Areas for new investment for CHOICE include the digital space where we are developing mobile applications for our members so that we can be where people need us most. We are also looking at investments in providing consumers legal support. The team at CHOICE is currently processing many new product areas to add to the value for money people receive from CHOICE. Of course not all will happen but many will and more importantly we are now firmly in the innovative space, doing what we can to provide our members with what they want.

I also know that our members are passionate about fighting injustice and that’s why we have been unrelenting in our campaigns for a more competitive supermarket sector and more recently our rapid response to the Telstra’s $2.20 charge. Both issues have come from our members wanting to see change. In the case of Telstra we achieved that change with members in record time; it will take a bit longer with the supermarkets! I can reassure members that the changes recently announced at CHOICE will not affect our work on supermarkets or many other areas that our members feel passionate about.

Whether it’s the products we provide our members with or the campaigns that we fight with our members on, CHOICE is focused on what our members want and works with them to achieve that. That sometimes means we can become such enthusiasts for what we do that we want all our members to have the benefits of all of our fantastic products. I apologise in advance if we talk to you about what more CHOICE can do for you. I can guarantee that it won’t be hard sell, but it will be communication from a team that loves CHOICE and wants you to benefit from what we have to offer as well.

I once worked for a fabulous CEO (Sheila McKechnie) who ran a homeless charity called Shelter. Sheila’s first public comment on Shelter was that she wanted it to be a campaign for the homeless, not a home for the campaignless. Sheila’s unrelenting focus on the purpose of the organisation gave me that passionate focus as well. CHOICE exists to unlock the power of consumers and has an ambition for Australian’s to be the most savvy and active consumers in the world. We will achieve these ambitions with our members, by building and working with active and engaged consumers and by constantly asking the question ‘what more can we do to serve our people better’. So if you have some ideas let me know in the comments section of this blog or give me a call on 1800 266 786.


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