Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility’s Pioneers

Social responsibility has been at the core of the CHOICE mission since 1959.

  • Focused on sustainable consumption
  • Campaigns to change policies and practices which are unfair to consumers
  • Helping consumers identify socially responsible products
  • Improving product safety and efficiency with oversight
  • CHOICE is leading by example, implementing socially responsible procedures internally
  • Contributes to consumer campaigns worldwide
  • Socially responsible investment and supply chain policies implemented

For over 50 years CHOICE has been the leading consumer advocate by constantly seeking out and addressing issues of concern to consumers. The latest CHOICE Social Responsibility Action Plan reflects the growing interest consumers have in sustainable consumption.

This plan addresses the challenges of sustainable consumption by focusing on three key areas: consumer information, campaigns and internal goals.

CHOICE helps consumers drive the market by identifying good corporate behaviour to reward. Our published materials all have a social responsibility focus and help consumers identify socially responsible products.

Our independent reviews help improve the safety and efficiency of products to the benefit of all consumers. By engaging with our members and letting them direct the focus of the organisation’s outlook, CHOICE is able to stay on top of consumer needs.

CHOICE promotes social responsibility by campaigning for fairness and providing credible, comparable and reliable information. This is achieved by providing advocacy on the impact to consumers of government policies, challenging false and misleading claims made by businesses and contributing to consumers rights campaigns worldwide.

CHOICE seeks to lead by example by consciously exceeding international standards on Social Responsibility and limiting our own environmental impact through green buildings and business practices.

CHOICE also engages in socially responsible investment policies and provides pro bono assistance to local, national and international causes and organisations. Our supply chain policies actively encourage our major suppliers to review their own social responsibility policies.

The commitment to social responsibility is an institutional commitment. Our staff are encouraged to develop their knowledge of social responsibility and are rewarded with fair salary structures and regular input into working conditions and the organisation’s focus.

All of our social responsibility activities are regularly reviewed with reports published on the website or in the Annual Report.

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