Car tyres

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and comparisons of car tyres.

tyres 175

Car tyres 175/65R14 review

Maintaining the right tyre pressure helps keep your car on the road and money in your pocket.

26 Nov 2014 | If you’re shopping for tyres, you don’t have to get the same ones your car left the factory with. We tested 18 size 175/65R14 tyres, costing $66 to $149.

Car tyre in a shopping trolley

Car tyres 205/55R16 review

We review tyres suitable for some of the most popular car models in Australia, such as the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 and Hyundai i30.

6 May 2014 | 18 brands of 205/55R16 tyres are put through CHOICE's rigorous braking, cornering and rolling resistance tests. We'll tell you which sets to buy and which to avoid.

Tyres for small cars

Car tyres 175/65R15 reviews

We test 18 brands of 175/65R15 tyres, suitable for small cars such as the Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris and Suzuki Swift.

29 Nov 2013 | Our new rolling resistance test evaluates “eco” claims made by some manufacturers.

215 tyres

Car tyres 205/60R16 reviews

We've tested 15 brands of car tyres, including models from Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental and Michelin.

24 May 2013 | Find out which brands score best for braking and cornering performance in wet and dry conditions.


Small SUV tyre reviews

Performance on sealed roads is what sets these SUV tyres apart.

15 Nov 2012 | We review 225 60R17 car tyres, which are suitable for many small SUVs on the Australian market.

215 tyres

Car tyre 215/60R16 reviews

You can’t rely on price, tread pattern or brand name to find the best-performing tyre.

10 May 2012 | We review 18 brands of car tyres (215/60R16) priced from $105 to $229 each.


Tyre pressure gauge reviews

Properly inflated tyres are safer, last longer and save you fuel.

19 May 2011 | Gauges at petrol stations are not always well maintained which may affect accuracy. You may want to think about getting your own. We tested 18 models, from $5 to $80.

Tyrecheckers LED Alert caps

Tyrecheckers LED Alert caps review

A novel way to alert you when it’s time to top up your tyres.

29 Oct 2010 | These LED Alert caps for car tyres are a step towards safer and more economical motoring.

Car tyres

Car tyres 195/65R15 review and compare

Safety is paramount when purchasing a new set of tyres.

31 May 2010 | This size is currently used on a number of popular small cars such as the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Kia Cerato, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen Golf.


Car tyres 205/65 R15 review and compare

We tested tyres for a range of family cars, for cornering, braking and noise.

6 Apr 2008 | For almost two weeks, our tyre testing team put their bodies on the line for you during high-speed cornering and emergency braking tests — and about 500 tyre changes

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