Aldi Go Cruise 1602 first look

For its price, this car GPS unit from Aldi is a winner.
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Model: Aldi GoCruise 1602 (available December 10th)

Price: $129 


3 1/2 stars out of 5

Over the years you may have seen the occasional Aldi product appearing in our tests. However, this doesn’t happen very often because their one-off products are usually only available for a very short period of time. 

In an effort to provide more timely reviews, CHOICE has entered into a trial with Aldi where we can buy and test some oftheir special lines before they hit the stores.

The Aldi Go Cruise 1602 is a widescreen five-inch car GPS with pre-loaded maps of Australia and New Zealand using Whereis map data. 

Despite its low price, the Go Cruise performed very well in our city test and includes all the features and functions you’d expect to see on a modern car GPS. 


At only 1.4cm thick and weighing less than 200g, it can comfortably fit in your pocket or handbag. Drivers are alerted to approaching school zones, red light and fixed speed cameras, as well as clear warnings when you’re driving over the speed limit. 

However, the window mount is not as compact as other models we’ve tested, and we experienced some slight vibration when travelling on rough roads.

Trips can be planned before leaving by calculating an A-B route, and the unit can also provide an alternative route based on historical traffic problems should you encounter slow traffic on your journey. 

Lane guidance provides you with a quick visual cue on when to move into the exit lane, and turn direction signals and time-to-destination information are clear and concise.

The standard text-to-speech feature found on most current devices is available on the Go Cruise 1602, but you also have the choice of male or female voice. 

The instructions are easy to understand but have a slight hissy sound that isn’t apparent on some of the top-performing models in our last test. Bluetooth support means you can pair your mobile phone to the Go Cruise and make hands-free calls.

CHOICE Verdict

Its window mount isn’t as easy to use as other models and you may get some vibration on rough roads, which cost the device half a star, but overall the Aldi Go Cruise 1602 performs as well as some of the top-performing car GPS units on the market when navigating around the city. 

On price and performance it’s worth being on your shopping list.



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