Mini folding bike quick review

This A-bike may have a clever design, but our testers considered it a B-grade ride.
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  • Updated:2 Jan 2008

01.Mini A Bike

Please note: this information was current as of January 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

Price: $149 Folded mini A bike

At first glance, this mini aluminium folding bike seems like a great alternative to a scooter. It:

  • folds cleverly into a compact package
  • weighs less than 6kg
  • has an eye-catching design
  • comes with its own carry bag
  • has inflatable tyres.

Unfortunately, that’s where its good points end. Our lab conducted a thorough assessment and identified the following problems:

  • The bike’s frame wobbles and flexes when ridden, making it uncomfortable and hard to control.
  • The small wheels don’t handle bumps and potholes very well.
  • The tyre valves are very hard to access with a standard pump. A shock pump may be more suitable.
  • The bike is too small to suit a large person (it has a maximum weight rating of 85kg).
  • We also had two riders put it to the test. Both weigh less than 85kg and are experienced bike riders. They didn't enjoy riding it at all — in fact they thought it felt unsafe, and said they wouldn’t buy it at any price.

This bike appears to be a copy of the Sinclair A-bike (see The Sinclair retails in the UK for £150 (about AUD$345) and has had several positive reviews. We can only assume the Sinclair original is much better constructed than its cheaper clones.

As for this bike ... you’re better off with a good scooter — or just walking.



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