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Customer service shadow shop

Our customer service shadow shop produces mixed results for major retailers.

26 Sep 2012 | How do Australia's bricks and mortar retailers stack up when it comes to customer service? We shadow shop Australia's 10 most popular retailers.

Aroma Marketing

The rise of aroma marketing

Is your nose falling prey to stealth advertising?

15 Aug 2012 | Scent marketing is increasingly being used to draw consumers back into bricks-and-mortars stores.


Parallel imports

Products shipped in from abroad without the permission of the local trademark or intellectual property owner.

19 Jun 2012 | How can some products look, taste and function the same, yet vary so markedly in price from their mainstream, retail counterparts?


Rent payment schemes

Some rental agents outsource rent processing and have tenants pick up the tab.

7 Jun 2012 | Third-party rent payment schemes force tenants to pay for rent collection, and the fees can really add up.


Finding a removalist

Hiring a removalist you can trust can be a shot in the dark.

25 May 2012 | In 2011, Fair Trading NSW received 300 complaints about removalists – more than one every working day on average.


Mother's Day home test

Welcome to our new home test, where we ask CHOICE members to try the products for themselves.

11 May 2012 | We decided to give our lab testers the day off and asked CHOICE member (and mum!), Monique Brunello, to be our home tester and look at some gift ideas for mums.


The cut flower industry

A beautiful bouquet of flowers may have an ugly back story.

9 May 2012 | We outline some concerns around imported cut flowers that might make you re-think that beautiful bouquet.


Shopping for plus-size clothes

While Australians are getting bigger, the clothing industry isn't keeping up.

26 Mar 2012 | Plus-size clothing is limited and expensive for Australians despite there being a demand.


Unwanted Christmas gifts

We take a look at Christmas presents that don't hit the mark.

21 Dec 2011 | Our survey finds, a whopping 21% of items purchased as Christmas presents fall short on performance.


In the dark on interest-free deals

A CHOICE shadow shop of major retailers reveals lack of disclosure of interest rates, fees and conditions.

20 Dec 2011 | CHOICE looked at some interest-free payment offers available with six major retailers, and sent a shadow shopper to the stores.

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