Independent and trusted investigations and guides to your rights when shopping in retail stores and online.


How to save on international phone calls

Overseas phone calls don't have to cost an arm and a leg - save on international calls with these savvy tips.

15 Oct 2013 | Keeping up with friends and family overseas can be expensive, so we show you how to cut your phone bill.


Counterfeit goods

Alongside dodgy designer knock-offs, sophisticated copies are being sold online - and they're that much harder to detect.

12 Sep 2013 | Knock-off products are no longer easily identified by misspelled logos and shoddy craftsmanship. While the quality of counterfeit products appears to be improving, the counterfeiters are also getting smarter at marketing their products.


Duty-free shopping

Why you should just keep on walkin'.

11 Sep 2013 | Deals in airport duty-free shops may not be the best offer in town.


Customer service online

How does online shopping customer service stand up?

13 Aug 2013 | Which of these online stores has the best customer service and returns policy?


Pet premiums

Are some veterinarians trying to sell you more than you need?

22 Jul 2013 | Costs for vet service can vary widely, and it doesn't help that there are no standard fee guidelines. Most vets no doubt deserve your trust, but with corporate vet franchises on the rise, upselling and overcharging are legitimate consumer concerns.


Kids' sports fees

What exactly are soccer mums and dads paying for?

17 Jul 2013 | A healthy cut of junior soccer fees gets siphoned off to pay for elite regional teams. It's all about growing the game - but there's little or no support going back to the juniors.


Competition tricks and traps

The devil is in the detail when it comes to the fine print buried in competition terms and conditions

27 Jun 2013 | You may find yourself getting more than you bargained for when you enter a competition


Faded receipts

Receipts printed on thermal paper have a tendency to fade, but we reveal whether they can still be used as proof of purchase and a tax record.

13 May 2013 | We look at your rights when it comes to receipts that have faded and what you can do to prevent them from fading.



No matter the event, you'll likely be slugged with extra charges for tickets.

1 May 2013 | Add-on charges for tickets vary from event to event and from one ticketing agency to another.


Consumer sharing

Swap, share and rent your way to a better future.

23 Apr 2013 | Consumer sharing is growing in popularity to meet today’s buyer demands. It’s energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective, and it’s now easier than ever.

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