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Are you paying too much in fees for your superannuation fund?

Comparing superannuation funds

You could be surrendering as little as $300 or as much as $1245 in annual superannuation fees with your existing fund.

7 Apr 2014 | You could be paying fees up to $1245 each year on a $50,000 superannuation nest egg. CHOICE outlines your best super fund options and explains how to beat the super fee slugs.


MySuper rollout

Have you made a choice about where your super money goes?

9 Sep 2013 | MySuper is here to make superannuation less confusing and more transparent for average Australians


Superannuation for women

Women face special challenges when it comes building a strong super account.

26 Sep 2012 | Despite the advances in equitable pay, women face a number of hurdles if they want to grow their superannuation independently.

Protect your super

Future-proof your super

Is your superannuation account protected against another GFC?

21 Feb 2012 | With the Euro zone and US economy looking shaky, what’s left of your super nest egg may once again be out on a limb.


Retirement villages

Moving to a retirement village can be a costly exercise; CHOICE outlines five key risks.

24 Feb 2011 | CHOICE's research indicates that a lot of residents become disappointed with their decision to move to a village.


Super satisfaction survey

Nearly a quarter of retail super fund members we surveyed are considering switching to another option.

23 Jul 2010 | See which funds have the most satisfied members for fees and performance and read our tips for switching.


Income for life?

We look at whether income-for-life retirement products are as good as they claim.

25 May 2010 | With the average life expectancy increasing, the risk of running out of your savings during retirement is very real.


Commission refunds

Paying kickback commissions you didn't even know about? CHOICE outlines an easy way to reclaim your money.

15 Dec 2009 | You can choose who receives the sales and advice kickbacks from your investments. But weigh up the pros and cons before making any changes.


Rebuilding your super

There are ways to take control of your superannuation. We answer your most frequently asked questions.

25 May 2009 | The global financial crisis has decimated many Australians’ retirement savings. What steps can you take to rebuild your nest egg? CHOICE looks at your options.

Money in a nest

CHOICE guide to DIY super

We give you the facts without the advertising hype and expose the dangers.

12 May 2008 | Setting up your own super fund can give you control and flexibility but it’s also risky. If your accountant or financial planner recommends it make sure it really will give you the best deal before you jump.

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