Independent and trusted investigations and guides to the financial planning industry and your investment options.


ASIC's new rules

New ASIC regulations that make it simpler to switch between banks and limit the length of PDSs may mean more favourable outcomes for consumers.

29 Apr 2013 | The government regulator has been making moves that could not only straighten out the finance sector but also make life easier for consumers.


Demystifying financial advice

The proposed new “best interest duty” for financial advisers is long overdue.

26 Sep 2011 | CHOICE has been calling for an overhaul of the financial services industry for more than 20 years. The federal government's Future of Financial Advice(FOFA) reforms will hopefully resolve some of the issues.

Financial advice

CHOICE applauds new financial planning rules

CHOICE has campaigned for reform for over two decades.

28 Apr 2011 | The government says the changes will require financial planners to prioritise the interests of their clients.

Financial advice

New report exposes bias

Latest Roy Morgan Research shows each of the big six financial planning groups is associated with a major funds management group.

26 May 2010 | If you get financial advice from any of largest six financial planning groups, there’s a good chance you'll end up with investment products offered by the adviser’s parent company.


Options trading seminars

Is options trading a dangerous get-rich-quick scheme or a low-risk strategy to profit from volatile markets?

15 Sep 2009 | Options trading is promoted as a "high profit and low risk" strategy to make money. It sounds great, especially if you believe the claims.


Tax tips to save you money

We reveal items you may not realise you can claim on your tax return.

25 Jun 2009 | Budgets are stretched and times are tough for many people. But there are simple ways you can reduce your taxable income to save money.

Bucket of money

Guide to donating to charities

How much of your donation is gobbled up by fundraising fees and expenses?

1 Apr 2008 | Nearly nine out of 10 adults give to charity, and the average annual donation is more than $400.


Investment tax strategies

Minimising the tax you pay on investments is all about good planning

3 Feb 2006 | It is possible to plan your investment strategy to reduce tax, without taking too much risk.

Money tree

Financial planning step-by-step guide

Be sure you take all the steps possible to ensure your planner is working hard for you, not just looking after their own interests.

10 Sep 2005 | Follow this six-step guide to improve your chances of getting a high standard of service and advice from a financial planner.


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