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Saving for your children's education

29 May 2012 | The cost of putting your child through school has increased by 70% over the past 10 years.   More »

Money in a nest

CHOICE guide to DIY super

12 May 2008 | Setting up your own super fund can give you control and flexibility but it’s also risky. If your accountant or financial planner recommends it make sure it really will give you the best deal before you jump.  More »

Shares board

CHOICE guide to buying shares

23 Mar 2009 | Despite the market hitting a five-year low, the worst may not be over, with further ups and downs likely in this volatile economic environment.  More »


Managed funds buying guide

20 Feb 2007 | Based on the type of fund you choose (for example: shares, property and/or cash), the fund manager decides which assets to invest in.  More »

Money in a padlock

Wraps and master trusts

01 Mar 2008 | Wraps and master trusts dominate as one-stop-shops for accessing a wider range of investments.   More »


Options trading seminars

15 Sep 2009 | Options trading is promoted as a "high profit and low risk" strategy to make money. It sounds great, especially if you believe the claims.   More »

Toy house and calculator

Guide to selling your property

21 Sep 2007 | Who should you believe when you ask agents to assess your property’s value?   More »


Super in a volatile environment

12 May 2008 | Your June statement might show the worst return in years. Will you have enough money to retire? Should you switch investment options to manage stockmarket risks?   More »


Ethical investing guide

26 Aug 2007 | State governments' super funds are investing millions of dollars of their employees’ super in gambling, cigarette and oil companies?   More »


Retirement villages

24 Feb 2011 | CHOICE's research indicates that a lot of residents become disappointed with their decision to move to a village.   More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Keyboard with large crowdfunding key

Crowdfunding risks and rewards

25 Jun 2014 | Should crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Pozible be compelled to offer better protections for funders?   More »

Health care costs doctor holds piggy bank

Budget cuts to health spending explained

21 May 2014 | The new Budget is set to change the face of healthcare in Australia. CHOICE analyses what it will mean for Australians.  More »

Budget winners and losers

2014 Budget winners and losers

13 May 2014 | With students, young families, professionals and pensioners all in the federal Budget's sights, who comes out on top and who is worse off?  More »

Ethical investing - green sprouts growing on piles of coins.

Carbon-free investing

13 May 2014 | A new Australia Institute report warns your investment portfolio could be in peril.   More »

Federal budget financial scales

2014 Federal Budget wrap-up

13 May 2014 | We analyse the impact of this year's Federal Budget on the hip pockets of families, students, higher income earners and older Australians.  More »

Are you paying too much in fees for your superannuation fund?

Comparing superannuation funds

07 Apr 2014 | You could be paying fees up to $1245 each year on a $50,000 superannuation nest egg. CHOICE outlines your best super fund options and explains how to beat the super fee slugs.  More »


MySuper rollout

09 Sep 2013 | MySuper is here to make superannuation less confusing and more transparent for average Australians  More »


ASIC's new rules

29 Apr 2013 | The government regulator has been making moves that could not only straighten out the finance sector but also make life easier for consumers.  More »


Do you need a wrap fund?

12 Oct 2012 | Choose a wrap fund that will comply with FoFA requirements, or charges fees for specific services that are clearly outlined in the agreement between you and your adviser.  More »


Superannuation for women

26 Sep 2012 | Despite the advances in equitable pay, women face a number of hurdles if they want to grow their superannuation independently.   More »

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