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Car insurance reviews and comparisons

Driven to distraction by increasingly complex car insurance? Use our comparisons to find the best cover at the right price.
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Our review explains why you should always challenge your car insurance premiums at renewal time and how switching insurers can save you a bundle.

Here, we compare 44 comprehensive car insurance policies with value-based recommendations.

We've performed in-depth research into car insurance products including:

• scouring the terms and conditions for benefit limits, traps and exclusions
• surveying insurers for further details where possible
• premium price analysis

Please note: this information is now out of date but is still a useful guide to today's market.

Car insurance is becoming increasingly complex. There are a multitude of cover options, and plenty of discounts on offer if you know where to look. However, with so many insurers in the market, most people simply don't have the time to research the entire market and perform a proper comparison.

That's why in this report we present you with a range of value-based recommendations for five scenarios, organised into separate comparison tables for each state and territory, so you can compare car insurance policies side-by-side as well as tips and strategies for finding the best car insurance for your situation.

Review the scenarios, then go to the table for your state or territory to get started:

Car insurance providers compared

• 1300Insurance
• Suncorp
• Resilium
• Bingle
• Allianz
• Bendigo Bank
• Budget Direct
• Bupa/HBA
• Coles
• Kmart
• People's Choice
• Progressive
• RAA Insurance
• Real Insurance
• StGeorge
• Youi
• Elders
• Shannons
• CommInsure
• Westpac
• Real Insurance PAYD


The following insurers declined to be involved: 1Cover, Australia Post, Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, Bankwest, GE Money, NAB, ANZ’s Onepath, RACT and Woolworths.

How we survey

We collate quotes for five distinct scenarios and product features of 44 comprehensive motor insurance policies across all states and territories.

To review and rank the policies, we analyse the product coverage and establish specific levels of cover, or benchmarks, for product features for each scenario. Insurers that do not meet benchmarks we deem especially important are excluded for that scenario, and the remaining policies are given a weighting for other important features for which they don’t provide top cover. The weightings are then added to the premium for that policy, and policies are ranked by the lowest to highest weighted premium for each scenario in each state.

This method ensures that as long as the insurer provides the essentials, the cost of premiums are the major decisive factor in our review. The rankings for the top 5 policies are shown for each state with a ranking of 1 being the policy we consider the best value for money.

Where are the premium prices?

Car insurance is risk rated, which means the premiums are calculated on a number of factors - from your driving history to the street you live in. Insurers are also tending to consider increasingly specific details when calculating your premium, such as how far you drive and even the colour of your car. We look at thousands of premiums across the scenarios to establish trends, but printing them would only be confusing and to no real benefit. Prices also tend to change without warning. For this reason, it's best to use the recommendations as a guide and then get your own personalised quote from an insurer before deciding on car insurance.

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