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An estimated one-in-three working Australians have lost contact with their super accounts. If you changed your job, address or name recently and forgot to tell the fund, you could be one of them.

Plenty more people have lost track of their bank accounts, insurance policies, company money and other funds.

So what steps can you take to track down this money? This report reveals:

  • Unclaimed super
    Where to search for 'lost' superannuation accounts.
  • Bank accounts, life insurance and company money
    Have you lost track of your savings, life insurance policy or company money such as shares? We put you through to ASIC's consumer website.
  • Other unclaimed money searches
    State and territory agencies have different responsibilities for various types of unclaimed funds including shareholders' dividends, uncollected goods and unpresented cheques and wages (each state differs).

All the unclaimed money searches mentioned in this article are free for you to use; you don't have to pay a fee to find unclaimed super and other money.

Please note: this information was current as of January 2007 but is still a useful guide to today's market..

Success story

Having worked in several jobs over the space of a couple of years and left full-time employment for a while after the birth of her child, it’s not surprising Tracey lost track of some of her super. Each of her previous employers had made contributions to the fund of its choice and Tracey wasn’t sure how to get all her retirement savings into one place.

Then she got a call from AUSfund, a holding account for super funds that have lost contact with their members. “They advised me that I had nearly $7000 of unclaimed super and offered to transfer it to another fund,” she says.

Don't pay a fee

Shirley received a letter from a company advising that it had located unclaimed money held on her behalf.

The company said if Shirley signed an agent authorisation form and paperwork, including an Office of State Revenue (OSR) claim form, it could recover her money. The fee? 14% of the unclaimed sum.

"I verified by going to the OSR website that there is money in my name, some old super money from previous employment,” Shirley says.

"I claimed it for nothing directly from the OSR, not by using this company.”

Several companies recover unclaimed money for a fee; others offer to locate lost super and roll it into their preferred super fund in return for a percentage commission from the new fund. But there’s no need to pay a fee to a company to recover your unclaimed funds. Do it yourself — it’s easy and free. 



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