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Better banking campaign

Better Banking Campaign

Send a message the ‘big four’ banks can’t ignore.

6 May 2011 | Following the latest stand-off in passing on RBA interest rate cuts, it's no surprise the ‘big four’ banks are well and truly on the nose with consumers.


Finance comparison sites

Finance comparison websites can deliver masses of information on financial products instantly, but you still need to be wary when using them.

27 Apr 2011 | These websites can be used to explore many products, from bank accounts to home loans, but CHOICE recommends you approach sites with care.

Piggy bank

Ten easy household saving tips

If the GFC taught us anything it's the benefit of saving for a rainy day, here are some simple ways to spend less and save money.

1 Apr 2011 | There are simple ways to modify your everyday spending to ensure your money goes further. CHOICE shows you how.


Move your money

To celebrate World Consumer Rights Day, move your money from accounts that simply top up the profits of banks.

14 Mar 2011 | $153 billion worth of Australian money currently sits in everday transaction accounts that earn little or no interest.


CHOICE releases Better Banking report

CHOICE heads to Canberra to deliver its report to Swan and Senate.

2 Mar 2011 | The report marks a major milestone in our campaign for fairer banking.

ATM Fees

CHOICE slams foreign ATM fees

A new report jointly published by CHOICE confirms the need for greater transparency around ATM fees.

16 Feb 2011 | Consumers continue to pay up to $4 when they visit “foreign” ATMs.


Bank satisfaction survey 2010

The Big Four again rank bottom for customer satisfaction, but we found they are quite open to giving discounted rates - when asked.

1 Sep 2010 | If you're not getting an interest rate saving of at least 0.7% then you're probably paying too much.

Switching banks

How to switch banks

Yesterday the CBA announced a record profit of 6.1 billion dollars.

27 Jul 2010 | If you're not happy about their profit, and your fees, ask for a better deal. CHOICE shows you how to find the fairest bank account and then switch to save.


Bank fee bonanza

New statistics reveal reductions in bank account penalty fees have been offset by an increase in penalties charged on loans and credit cards.

10 Jun 2010 | The Reserve Bank of Australia's annual bank fees report reveals there has been a shift in banks' household penalty fee income from deposit accounts towards loans.

Graph and reading glasses

How to avoid bank penalty fees

The announcement of a class action against Australia's big banks for fee gouging reinforces why customers need to scrutinise their statements.

12 May 2010 | Make sure you're not being stung by high penalties for overdrawing your account, paying your credit card bill a day late, or trying to pay in a cheque that bounces.

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