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Currency exchange

Travel money buying guide

23 Apr 2009 | CHOICE recommends you take a mix of cash and cards to cover expenses and provide a back-up plan. We tell you which companies provide the best products and rates.  More »

House keys

First home saver accounts

03 Aug 2009 | To provide incentives for people to save for their first home, the federal government launched the first home saver account (FHSA) scheme.  More »

World currency iStock

Travel money cards quick review

21 Dec 2009 | We expose the hidden costs.  More »

Family looking at invoices

Switch financial providers and save

15 Feb 2008 | For most of us, minimising the cost of 'staple' financial services like bank accounts and insurance is important. Here's how to save.  More »

Graph and reading glasses

How to avoid bank penalty fees

12 May 2010 | Make sure you're not being stung by high penalties for overdrawing your account, paying your credit card bill a day late, or trying to pay in a cheque that bounces.   More »

Australian money

Find your lost savings and super

30 Jan 2007 | An estimated one-in-three working Australians have lost contact with their super accounts. If you changed your job, address or name recently and forgot to tell the fund, you could be one of them.  More »


High interest savings accounts guide

15 Jan 2008 | If you've got money parked in an everyday transaction account paying next to nothing interest, you could be earning much more by switching to an account with a better rate.   More »

how-to-budget lead

How to build a budget

12 Jan 2015 | Making a budget is not about going on a diet of brussel sprouts and water, but about making sure you are using your hard-earned money for the things you really want.   More »


ING Direct Orange Everyday review

10 Mar 2010 | The account isn't completely fee-free and it doesn't pay interest, but most everyday transactions are free and there are incentives that will be attractive to many customers.  More »

The big four banks

Bank satisfaction survey 2009

30 Sep 2009 | Over the past year, ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac have increased market share but our survey reveals they haven't increased in popularity.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

how-to-budget lead

How to build a budget

12 Jan 2015 | Making a budget is not about going on a diet of brussel sprouts and water, but about making sure you are using your hard-earned money for the things you really want.   More »


Budget buster tips for 2015

05 Jan 2015 | Christmas credit card bills and back-to-school costs are putting the squeeze on many household budgets.  More »


Travel money card comparisons

05 Jan 2015 | The travel card market has expanded in the last couple of years, with a range of new products released to the market, but the fees can still pack a sting.   More »

Note book

Term deposits a bad deal

23 Oct 2014 | CHOICE reveals term deposit traps and top term deposit rates for six months, one year and three years.  More »

Road sign and blue sky - sky high interest rates

Top online savings accounts

29 Sep 2014 | Don't leave your hard-earned money in zero interest paying transaction accounts, use a high interest account instead.   More »

Bank Accounts

Top fee-free bank accounts

23 Sep 2014 | Save on fees by choosing an account with no monthly fee and no fees for many ‘everyday’ transactions.   More »


Kids' saving accounts review

04 Jul 2014 | We review 26 savings accounts designed for children and teenagers, including products offered by ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Bankwest and Westpac. We find good interest rates but also some bad conditions and fees.   More »


Mobile money managers

22 Jan 2014 | We've checked out 10 financial apps that let you keep track of your spending or budget on the go.  More »

BPAY View mobile bill payment

Direct debit versus BPAY View

08 Oct 2013 | With BPAY and direct debit, there are now more convenient options than ever for paying your bills - but which one's the best for your wallet?  More »


Term Deposit Rolling

15 Jul 2013 | Over the past few years, bonus rates on online savings accounts have been as good or better than the highest rates on term deposit accounts. New regulations will see the pendulum swing back towards term deposits.  More »

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