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  • Updated:22 Feb 2005

04.Types of doors

Aluminium doorsAluminium door

  • While aluminium is less prone to corrosion than steel, the Australian standard still requires protection against corrosion by anodising or powder-coating.
  • Make sure it’s made from heat-strengthened (tempered) aluminium. 




Stainless steel mesh

  • Stainless steel mesh doorAttachment: We’ve seen one brand that uses stainless steel screws to clamp the mesh within the frame and others that use a PVC clamp. Both claim advantages over the other: the screw-clamp people claim screws hold the mesh in place better, while the plastic-clamp people claim there’s reduced risk of galvanic corrosion from aluminium (frame) coming into contact with stainless steel (mesh). We’ve seen no independent information that one’s better than the other — as long as it meets the standard, you’re likely to be safe with either. However, these doors are relatively new on the market: some longevity issues may become apparent in years to come.
  • There’s also some argument over the best type of mesh to use: some manufacturers use marine-grade 316 mesh (the claimed advantage is that it’s corrosion-resistant in salty environments), while another uses 304 grade mesh (its claimed advantage is that it’s stronger than 316). Again, as long as it meets the standard, you should be OK with either — but watch this space in case any issues emerge over time.
  • The frames of these doors are likely to be aluminium, so the points under Aluminium doors apply (see above).



Steel doorsSteel door

  • If it meets the standard it’ll be protected against corrosion. To prevent rust in other steel doors, especially if you live near the sea, consider getting one that’s been hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated. (Removing salt build-up with regular washing in warm soapy water can also help.)




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