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Electric blanket reviews

We test 10 electric blankets, priced between $52 and $345
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10 electric blankets tested, ranging in price from $52 to $345

Snuggling into a warm bed is a happy feeling for many of us during winter months in the colder areas of Australia. Unsurprisingly, a commonly requested test over the years has been electric blankets.

CHOICE last tested electric blankets back in May 1998 , and found that they all passed the safety tests. Using the same testing rig, CHOICE simulates over 2000 blanket turns. We make sure there are no visual breakages or wires protruding through the fabric after this rigorous test to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3350; or AS/NZS 60335.1 and AS/NZS 60335.2.17:2004. They are also tested for moisture resistance with 3000 volts being passed through them while wet. Happily all of them passed these rigorous tests and all of them also have overheat protection, which means they cut out when they get too hot.

This time we tested 10 electric blankets, all queen sized with dual controls, which range in price from $52 and $345.

See our buying guide for more information, and our blog for more of the CHOICE testing process.

For more information on Bedding, see Living and bedroom.

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Brands and models tested

Abode BA212- some batch numbers of this model have been recalled.
Kambrook Snugasabug KEB332
Kambrook Snugasabug KEB533
Lincraft EB152QBLC
Onkaparinga Klikk Quilted CEBKLIG
Onkaparinga Klikk Traditional CEBKLIF
Sunbeam BL3451
Sunbeam Fleecy BL4958 (A)
Sunbeam Quilted BL4755 (A)

(A) Discontinued.

How we test

Performance CHOICE tester, Matthew Tung, measures how long it takes the blanket to pre-heat to its maximum temperature. The shorter the time, the better the score as it means you don’t have to wait as long to get into the warmed bed. He also collects the general data, measures energy use, checks for correct labelling and takes thermal images to see how well the blankets distribute heat.

He then runs the blankets through our electric blanket rig which simulates 2000 turns of the blanket and examines for breakages in the wiring. They are also moistened and 3000 volts passed through them to test for moisture resistance.

Ease of use consists of fitting the blankets to a bed, assessing the controls and how easy blankets are to clean - whether the controls can be detached and if the blankets can be washed and dried in a dryer.

Running costs are calculated based on a 92 day period for winter. We measure including the manufacturer recommended pre-heat period, then set the blanket to its lowest setting for eight hours. We calculate the energy result by 22cents / kWh.

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