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OMO says these liquid capsules contain its ‘most advanced liquid ever’ – but does it deliver?
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OMO PODS Small & Mighty front loader
Price: $13.88 (for 20 capsules)
Cost per wash: $0.69
Not suitable for washer/dryers.
3 stars out of 5

OMO Pods come out on top for overall performance when compared to other front-loader liquid detergents, including OMO's Small and Mighty range of liquid detergents.

The 'pods' are water soluble capsules filled with liquid detergent that you place directly into your machine before throwing in the clothes.

OMO promises that its Pods will deliver outstanding results because they contain 50% more pre-treaters. Sure enough, they rank first overall of the front loader liquid detergents with 69% – but Dynamo is about the same overall at 68%.

  • The OMO pods general detergency score of 82% is very high for a liquid - almost as good as some the top performing powders.
  • It's overall performance is let down by its only OK score of 59% for grass stain removal - however this is relatively high for a liquid.
  • The pods scored just 54% for tomato stain removal, which is comparatively low.

Although its performance is pretty good for a liquid, it’s a high price to pay at 69 cents per wash. Particularly when you can buy the powder equivalent – Omo Small and Mighty powder concentrate, and get significantly better results for only 53 cents per wash.

But more importantly, with the powder detergent you can adjust the dose as necessary for extra cost savings – used at half dose at 28 cents per wash still gives you markedly better wash results than using the liquid OMO pods.

To see how OMO Pods stack up against other liquid laundry detergents on the market, have a look at CHOICE's recent laundry detergent test.

CHOICE Verdict

Its performance is good for a liquid, and it’s very convenient so it may suit busy people who want minimal fuss and always wash a full load. However for the majority, it’s not cost effective or versatile enough as you can’t adjust the dose as needed. And you can get much better results using the powder equivalent at a significantly lower cost.



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