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This alternative to a tumble dryer evaporates moisture in much the same way as hanging clothes on the line.
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Asko Drying Cabinet DC7573
2 stars out of 5
Price $1999

Many items in today’s wash – shoes, gloves, hats, specialist sportswear, woollens – aren’t suitable for tumble dryers. This is where the Asko Drying Cabinet comes in. 

It circulates cold, warm or hot air to evaporate moisture in much the same way as hanging clothes on the line. Marketed as “the new Aussie clothes line”, equivalent to 16 metres of line length, it claims to dry everything from linen to boots in less than two hours.

The cabinet is very expensive and won’t suit all laundry situations. 

  • It’s tall at 1.7 metres, meaning it needs to be fastened to a wall or cabinet to prevent toppling.
  • It requires ducting or a very well-ventilated area to operate properly. 
  • It features sensor drying with three dryness levels, timed drying, cold dry (no heat), delay start, time-to -go display and even a towel-warming function.
It takes some practice to load. The pull-out racks are a good feature, but internal space constraints mean larger items such as sheets and towels need folding, taking longer to dry. They can also overhang onto the lower racks, further limiting drying space.

How it works

The drying works via natural convection, where heated air is forced down the middle of the cabinet to the base and rises up the sides again, so you’ll also need to be mindful of maintaining airflow throughout the cabinet to ensure optimum performance. 

Larger items are loaded on the sides and smaller items in the middle. With some trial and error, we managed to fit items to the equivalent of 16 metres of clothes line or about 4.5kg of washing.

Asko claims energy savings over conventional dryers, but each of our drying runs in the cabinet produced mediocre drying performance. When running any of the auto programs, the load required further time to dry sufficiently. Energy use and running times were comparable to small conventional electric vented dryers.

CHOICE Verdict

This cabinet is an expensive option for drying clothes or unusual items, particularly given there aren’t any significant time or energy savings to be made compared with conventional dryers or clothes lines. 

It may be useful to people living in particularly wet or cold regions, or those with limited external space where outdoor drying is sometimes impractical. It might also appeal to keen surfers, skiers and the like.



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