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You’ll be steaming through the ironing in no time with this new steam station from Philips.
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Philips Steam Station PerfectCare Iron GC9240

4 1/2 stars out of 5


The new Philips PerfectCare Iron comes out on top of most other conventional irons tested by CHOICE, but comes with an expensive price tag.

There’s no need for sorting the ironing by fabric type and fiddling with varying thermostat settings. You just fill the water station, switch it on, and off you go.

It doesn’t have a temperature dial – it’s automatically set to about 126°C which is a little higher than the lowest setting on a conventional iron. The trick to this iron is that it’s not the heat that does the work – it’s the high volume of steam.

The sole plate is just hot enough to dry off the fabric after steaming. It’s this nifty design that allows you to iron silk and then linen without needing to change settings.

Features include:

  • Auto shut-off when inactive for 10 minutes
  • Indicator for low water level
  • Power on and descaling light indicators
  • Cord storage
  • Carry lock
  • Ability to steam-iron clothes vertically

What CHOICE tested

We ran it through a rigorous test ironing organza, denim, silk, cotton, and wool and all creases were ironed out perfectly, fast, and with ease.

Linen took a little longer to iron than the rest of the fabrics, requiring use of the steam boost function (260 g steam/min), and the result was very good. It scored 97% for overall performance.

It scored 83% for ease of use; the water tank can be removed and filled at the tap anytime during ironing, its handle is very comfortable with enough room for larger hands, the iron glides effortlessly over all fabrics we tested, and has a long cord at 1.9 m to suit most situations.

One drawback is that due to its large volume of steam, the ironing board got so wet that it occasionally drips a few drops of water through to the floor (after about 30 minutes of ironing).

It’s quite heavy to carry the whole unit which weighs about 5kg (it’s only 1.3 for the actual iron) so its best left set up permanently if possible (as with any steam station iron).

Overall this product scores 93% - ahead of most other conventional irons recently tested, but it is expensive.

CHOICE Verdict

The Philips PerfectCare is highly recommended - particularly for people who do a lot of ironing and want to get it done very quickly, efficiently and with minimal fuss.



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