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We take a sneak peek at the ALDI Lumina Signature iron.
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01.ALDI Lumina Signature 4248.


Price: $50

4 stars out of 5

Some ALDI products tend to sell out almost as fast as they hit the shelves, so they don’t often turn up in our reviews. Thankfully, we’ve been able to take a look at the latest iron, the Lumina Signature, before it hits the shelves this Saturday the 28th of July.

Even though steam stations are gaining popularity quickly, traditional irons still dominate the ironing category and if you’re not keen on ironing and don’t want to spend much this type is just for you. Your iron should be able to:

  • Reliably control the soleplate temperature to handle different fabrics.
  • Produce a useful amount of steam without dribbling or sputtering water.
  • Glide effortlessly over your garments.


The ALDI iron has an electronic display for seven fabric types. It has dry and steam functions, however it doesn’t have variable steam so you won’t be able to control the amount of steam you get while you iron. It has ‘shot of steam’ which gives you an extra burst of steam when you have stubborn wrinkles and with this you can even iron heavy garments while they’re hanging up. 

It has drip protection to prevent water from dripping through the soleplate and potentially staining the fabric and a self-cleaning mode whereby the iron removes scale deposits that would otherwise clog the steam valve and soleplate holes.

Automatic shut-off is a useful safety feature that will turn off the iron after a certain amount of time if you’ve walked away forgetting to turn it off yourself. The ALDI has this and will shut down after 30 seconds if it’s been left lying horizontally and eight minutes if it’s left standing vertically.


Our tester, Peter Horvath, carried out performance tests on organza, silk, wool, cotton shirts, denim jeans and linen. Overall, Peter was impressed with how the ALDI iron performed. 

It’s very good on silk, cotton and linen and excellent on wool and denim. Peter only found it to struggle when removing larger creases on organza where he rated it borderline.

Ease of use

Peter found the iron easy to use. The handle is comfortable to hold and the iron glides fairly easily over garments. Its steam function works well, producing enough steam for most jobs and you can adjust the temperature simply by pressing the electronic control button. 

Its very long, 3 metre cord  is also convenient. Its only negative is the ease of filling the water tank – Peter found it to be quite slow to fill and the water level isn’t easy to see.

CHOICE Verdict

We were impressed by the ALDI iron - for $50 it has good features, performs well and is easy to use, so if you can get your hands on this one it’ll get the job done.

To see how the ALDI iron stacks up against the rest, see our review on steam irons.



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