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A good carpet cleaner should get you out of trouble ... unless you live with a budding Pro Hart.
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  • Updated:25 Sep 2007

04.Carpet cleaning tips

  • The quicker you attend to any carpet stain, the more likely you are to get it out.
  • For most liquid stains, blot up as much as you can, then, using a damp sponge, wipe away the stain in an inwards motion so you don’t spread it any further.
  • If you don’t have any carpet cleaner in the house, try sponging with vinegar, water and detergent — preferably wool wash — then rinse with water.
  • For a shoe polish stain, scrape off the excess and dab with white spirit, rinse with water then try a wool-wash detergent, before rinsing again.
  • For red wine, immediately pour soda water onto the stain and blot it. Try this a few times and if you don’t get a result, try detergent and water or a carpet cleaner.
  • Glycerine may loosen old coffee and tea stains.

For more specific carpet cleaning advice, refer to How to Clean Practically Anything, published by CHOICE Books.


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