Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of kitchen utensils such as frying pans, knives, and knife sharpeners.

Induction cookware

Induction cookware buying guide

Your current cookware may not be suitable for your new induction cooktop. We outline what to look for when shopping for induction cookware

6 Dec 2013 | Think about your style of cooking and keep in mind that each induction cooktop can respond differently to cookware.

Chef's knives

Kitchen knives review

We review kitchen knives from well-known brands such as Anolon, Cuisinart and Scanpan.

15 May 2013 | We've tested kitchen knives of different sizes, weights and handle types, revealing which slice, cut and chop best, and which stay sharp.


Saucepans review

We've tested 10 saucepans from brands including Scanpan, Jamie Oliver and Tefal.

10 May 2013 | Our testing reveals how some stainless steel saucepans perform when it comes to heat distribution, sticking performance and ease of use.

Cooking omelet in frypan iStock

Non-stick frypans review

We've tested 13 non-stick frypans from brands including Le Creuset, Jamie Oliver, Scanpan, Tefal and Circulon.

9 May 2013 | We reveal how some non-stick frypans perform when it comes to non-stick capabilities, heat distribution, durability and ease of use.


Digital utensils quick review

Digital utensils: handy or hopeless?

30 Dec 2010 | How much value does digital technology bring to conventional cooking utensils?


Kitchen gadgets review and compare

A whizz in the kitchen

21 Jun 2010 | There are hundreds of clever gizmos on the market, all claiming to make cooking easier. But do you really need to fill your kitchen drawers with all these gadgets?

Knife sharpener

Knife sharpeners review and compare

We test knife sharpeners for safety and performance.

6 May 2009 | Keeping your knives sharp not only makes your job as master chef in the kitchen easier and quicker, but much safer too.


Kitchen shears review and compare

A good set of kitchen shears can handle a wide range of cutting duties, and needn’t cost the earth.

6 Aug 2008 | A good pair of multipurpose shears can handle the tough jobs but still neatly cut paper or herbs.


Graters review and compare

There's a grater for everything.

18 Jul 2008 | A versatile box grater may be all you need in the kitchen, but lovers of kitchen gadgets will find a use for lots of different kinds.


Bendy bakeware review and compare

Is silicone bakeware a revolution or a fashion statement?

7 Jan 2006 | We included, where available, a range of products from each brand - a muffin pan, a cake pan and baking sheet. We also compared their performance to traditional non-stick metal bakeware.


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