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Gas cooktop reviews

We've tested 11 new gas cooktops, including Blanco, Bosch, Electrolux and Miele models.
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Gas cooktop

We've reviewed 39 gas cooktops, 11 of which are newly tested, priced from $329 to $3389.

Through our rigorous testing, we reveal which cooktops:

  • have the best cooking performance, and
  • are the easiest to use.

On this page, you'll find:

Gas cooktops give you the flexibility of having a separate wall oven placed anywhere in the kitchen, at waist level, or higher if required. With their sleek stainless steel, glass or enamel surfaces, the right cooktop can look incredibly stylish as well.


Gas cooktops continue to perform consistently well in CHOICE testing. They handle low (white sauce) and high (stir fry) temperature cooking well, but there’s still room for improvement in their turn-down capability (rice), so check the individual performance scores in our comparison table.

However, there’s more to choosing a gas cooktop than its cooking performance. The burner layout, controls and ease of cleaning are also factors you’ll need to consider. Our home economist, Fiona Mair, finds that some are much easier to use than others.


While our testing reveals that most perform well, some fall short in terms of safety. Many gas cooktops are now fitted with a flame failure device whereby the gas will automatically cut out if the flame goes out; others will reignite automatically. CHOICE believes that this feature should be made a standard requirement. 

Models without flame failure generally cost less, and they still perform well so may be tempting to buy. The problem is that if the flame goes out, gas can escape silently and invisibly. To check whether your gas cooktop has this flame failure protection, look for two small rods sticking up next to the burner. One is for the ignition (all ignition systems are electric) and the other detects the flame. However, there are some exceptions: some cooktops have automatic re-ignition, and in this case both functions are integrated into one device, and these will only have one rod next to the burner.

In the past, we’ve tested models without flame failure and haven’t recommended them. Here we’ve only included models with the flame failure feature and will continue to do so in future tests.

Brands and models tested

Square models
    • # Asko HG1664S
    • Baumatic BA62SS (A)
    • # Baumatic BHG690SS
    • Blanco BCGC74B (68cm)
    • Blanco CG604WXFFC
    • # Blanco CGG905WFFC (75cm)
    • # Bosch PBH615B9TA
    • Bosch PCH615FAU (A)
    • Bosch PCH615B90A (A)
    • Chef GHC615W (A)
    • Delonghi DEGH60
    • Electrolux E:line EHGC77BS (rectangular but fits a square cut-out)
    • Emilia SEC64GWI
    • # Fisher & Paykel CG604DWFCX1
    • Fisher & Paykel CG604CWFW1
    • Highland HP4SSNL
    • Ilve H360CVX
    • Miele KM 2012
    • Neff T26S66NOAU (70cm)
    • # Omega 0GG64A
    • Omega OG63XA
    • Smeg CIR60XS
    • Westinghouse GHP765S (A)
    • Westinghouse GHR16S
    • # Westinghouse GHR775S (70cm)
    • Whirlpool AKT616IX
    • # Delonghi DEGH70W
    • Electrolux EHGC95AS
    • # Electrolux EHGC97BS*51
    • Fisher & Paykel CG905DWFCX1
    • Fisher & Paykel CG905DNGGB1
    • Fisher & Paykel Izona CookSurface
    • Miele KM 2054 (A)
    • Miele KM2034G
    • # Neff T29R66N0AU
    • Omega OG92XA
    • Smeg CIR597X
    • # Smeg PGA95-4
    • Westinghouse GHP795S (A)

    # Newly tested models.

    (A) Discontinued.

    How we test

    Cooking performance 

    We use the following tests to assess cooking performance: 

    • White sauce test assesses the ability of the simmer burner at low temperatures for a prolonged time. 
    • Rice test assesses the ability and speed of the medium burner to boil rice, maintain a desired level of heat at lowest-temperature setting and the cooker’s turn-down capacity (control response). 
    • Stir fry test assesses the wok burner’s ability to deliver continuous high heat.
    In the past we've also tested cooking performance by melting chocolate to determine if the simmer burner is capable of gently cooking foods that are very sensitive to high temperatures. We've found that gas cooktops are excellent at melting chocolate on the simmer burner, so we've removed this test and adjusted the scores accordingly for previously tested models.

    Ease of use 

    Our home economist, Fiona Mair, looks at the stability of the trivets, layout of burners, whether the pots fit comfortably and the stability of pan support. She also looks at how easy the controls are to use in relation to their size and shape, labelling and position. She assesses ease of cleaning the surface, controls, trivets and burners, and whether there are appropriate spill-catchment areas.

    For more information on Ovens and Cooktops, see our Kitchen section.

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