Fridges & freezers

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides which compare price and performance of fridges, freezers and accessories.

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Fridge reviews

We put refrigerators of all shapes and sizes through their paces in our laboratories.

30 Oct 2014 | Latest performance results for all major fridge brands, including Westinghouse, Fisher and Paykel, Electrolux, LG and Samsung, are in.

Wood-finish wine fridge on hardwood floor

Wine fridge reviews

We put wine fridges, both large and small, through their paces in our laboratories to find out which are best for your precious drops.

8 Jul 2014 | We put wine fridges from DeLonghi, Haier, Liebherr and Vintec through a raft of tests to find out which ones will keep your precious drops safe.

Lead Freezers

Chest and upright freezer reviews

Is an upright freezer the way to go, or is a chest model the true treasure?

24 Sep 2013 | Upright or chest? When it comes to freezers, both have their pros and cons.

Inside of wine fridge

Wine fridge buying guide

Are your precious bottles collecting dust in the corner of your garage? There are other options available.

17 Apr 2012 | There are different types of wine fridges, but you might find that better options in your house are available.

Inside of fridge

Fridge and freezer buying guide

Side by side or upside down? Find the right fridge and freezer for your needs.

10 Mar 2011 | There are big variations in temperature uniformity, efficiency, noise and running costs.


Fridge temperature guide

Less than ideal settings reduce the storage life and quality of foods.

18 Mar 2009 | For the optimal freshness and safety of your foods, you need to follow a set of recommendations when setting your fridge's temperature.

Fridge thermometer

Fridge thermometer reviews

We tested 24 fridge thermometers of varying types to find out which give the most accurate readings.

17 Oct 2007 | To keep food safe to eat, it must be chilled below 5°C or frozen at or below –18°C. Any warmer allows for potential for harmful bacteria growth.


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