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Dishwasher detergent

Dishwasher detergent can cost you over a $1000 over the life of your dishwasher - make the right choice
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Detergent boxes

We review 27 types of dishwasher detergent, including tablets, powders and gels.

  • We test and compare which detergent is better for removing specific stains
  • We also calculate the cost per wash to find which product gives the best value for money.
Given your detergent can cost you well over $1000 over the 10yr life of your dishwasher, make sure you get both the best wash and the best price.

On this page, you'll find:

For more energy and water saving tips with your dishwasher, see our article on dishwasher reviews.

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Brands and models of dishwasher detergent

Coles Smart Buy Powder
Coles Smart Buy 3 in 1 Tablets
Coles Ultra Action Powder
Coles Ultra Max Tablets
Earth choice All in 1 Tablets
Earth choice Lemon Fresh Ultra Concentrate Powder
Eco Store Tablets
Eco Store Lemon Powder
Fairy All in One Original Tablets
Fairy All in One Platinum Tablets
Finish 2X Powder Concentrate Bottle Lemon Powder
Finish Advanced Lemon Sparkle Concentrate Gel
Finish Powerball All in 1 Regular Tablets
Finish Powerball Max in 1 Tablets
Finish Powerball PowerGel Quantum Tablets
Finish Powerball PowerGel Quantum with Baking Soda Tablets
Home Brand Powder
Home Brand 3 in 1 Tablets
Kwit 2X Concentrate Lemon Powder
Aldi Logix Complete Tablets
Aldi Logix Lemon Fragranced Powder
Aldi Logix Original Tablets
Morning Fresh 2X Super Concentrate Powder
Morning Fresh Super Concentrate Sparkling Fresh Gel
Woolworths Select Powder
Woolworths Select 5 in 1 Tablets
Woolworths Select All in 1 Tablets

How do you choose the dishwasher detergent you test?

We picked the top-selling brands of dishwasher detergents, that were nationally available. You'll often find differing pack sizes and scents. These have no impact on performance.

How long does dishwasher detergent last?

If you only run your dishwasher occasionally or take advantage of buying detergents in bulk, and are worried about the life of ingredients in these products, we checked with the top performers. Both stated a recommended life of two years.

Costs of dishwasher detergent

According to the ABS, around half of Australian households have a dishwasher. It's no surprise then that the dishwasher detergent market is quite large, and growing. The tablet form of the detergent is the most commonly used, offering greater convenience (especially with dissolvable wrappers) than powders, but also much more expensive - especially when bought in smaller packs. But its all more convenient than doing the washing up.

Your dishwasher detergent will be a significant portion of the running costs over the life of your dishwasher, so invest some thought into whether you need the premium product or something a little less expensive with a similar performance.

While we generally purchased the smaller packs for our tests, you can get larger packs for a more cost-effective amount per wash.

How we tested

Our testers measure out the manufacturer recommended detergent dose, and use it to wash specially stained plates. We do four test runs in the dishwasher and average the results for each stain. Stain plates used include egg yolk, rice starch, baked on cheese, red wine, coffee and minced meat.

Using a spectrophotometer, which measures how much light reflects off the stain plates measure how much dirt is removed. These readings are more accurate than the human eye – differences of about 5% are noticeable.

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