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How effective is this handheld gadget at making a good cup of coffee?
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MyPressi Twist

1 star out of 5

Price $249

On-the-go handheld espresso makers are tempting for those who want a perfect shot of espresso any time, anywhere. CHOICE didn’t recommend the Handpresso Wild Domepod last year, but we thought we’d keep an open mind when reviewing the MyPressi Twist.

The Twist weighs 1.1kg and is ball-shaped with a handle. The ball houses the filter and water container, while the handle holds the pressure cartridge. It uses nitrous oxide pressure cartridges and its operating pressure is about nine bars. You’ll get consistent pressure every time with the Twist, unlike the Handpresso, where you have to manually use the pump to get the desired 16 bars of pressure.

To operate, you screw the pressure cartridge in place, fill the basket with coffee or insert an ESE coffee pod, fill the water bowl with boiling water (you’ll need an electric kettle) and lock the cap firmly. Position the spouts over the cup, pull the trigger on the handle and voila, you have a shot of espresso. Instructions recommend using 18g-21g of coffee for a double shot – a lot more than the industry-recognised 14 grams.

The water tanks for these types of products don’t appear to be able to maintain the desirable 92°C-93°C for long enough. This is the temperature that the water should be when it passes through the coffee. The lack of an inbuilt heating system results in under-extracted coffee and a less-than-ideal temperature. Our tester found that you get a better result if you use freshly ground coffee beans. The Twist produced crema, but this also tasted under-extracted. Using pre-ground supermarket coffee gave very little crema with undesirable large bubbles.

CHOICE Verdict

The Twist is best suited for those who are constantly on the move, and have access to an electric jug in their hotel room, office or can boil water while camping. However, it’s very expensive, particularly after you’ve factored in the ongoing cost of replacing pressure cartridges (the US site sells a pack of 24 for USD$15.99 without including delivery costs) – you initially receive four, but each only has sufficient pressure to make up to four double shots or eight single shots of espresso.



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