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The Vitamix is said to make healthy living easy and claims to replace 10 kitchen appliances
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Price: $995
3 1/2 stars out of 5

The Vitamix is said to make healthy living easy and claims to replace 10 kitchen appliances. It can juice, cook, freeze, blend, chop, grind and also has a self-cleaning system. It has a heavy-duty, commercial-quality 1200W motor, two litre jug capacity, variable speed control and weighs almost 5kg. 

It has a tamper tool that allows you to push food into the blades without jamming the tool and damaging the unit. With this tool you can stir the ingredients without stopping the unit.


Our tester, Fiona Mair, put the Vitamix through the same tests as benchtop blenders cooking potato and leek soup, crushing ice and chopping carrots. To test it further she also made a fruit smoothie and nut butter. She found it to be excellent across all tests except for chopping carrots because it left a large piece unchopped. 

The potato and leek soup required some preparation first, by cooking the potato and leeks on the stove and when blending in the Vitamix the soup wasn’t very hot only reaching 56°C. This is because the Vitamix doesn’t have a heating element – instead, the blades turn so fast that they generate friction which creates heat. 

She also assessed the ability of the dry blade jug which can be purchased as an optional extra for $240 by making icing sugar and dough. Icing sugar was made perfectly but Fiona wasn’t impressed with the dough. To combine all the ingredients she needed to scrape the jug after every second of mixing about six to eight times before the dough came together. The jug tipped off the motor unit when combining the ingredients and it doesn’t knead for you as a benchtop mixer would.

Ease of use

For ease of use Fiona assesses:

  • comfort
  • controls, and
  • ease of cleaning.

While its jug is lightweight, it sits loosely on the unit and can move or easily be knocked over. Fiona found it to be very noisy when operating at high speeds and found the unit to move and vibrate when mixing a heavy batter or when mixing for an extended amount of time. 

She also found it awkward to remove mixtures from around the blade. While there was no written labelling the controls were very easy to use and comprehend. 

The Vitamix isn’t dishwasher safe and the blade housing isn’t removable; however you can use the high speed with water and detergent to clean the unit quickly. The stainless steel exterior may require more effort to clean.

CHOICE verdict

The Vitamix lives up to its expectations, you can create endless amounts of healthy, nutritious foods with the unit. Its powerful motor allows it to handle heavy loads better than most standard blenders. However it comes with a hefty price tag. 

In comparison to the benchtop blenders we’ve tested, the Vitamix is up there with the better scoring models, and would make our What to Buy list.



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