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How does the Thermochef stack up against its famous rival, the Thermomix?
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Thermochef Natura

Price $795 (plus $40 shipping Australia wide)


In 2010 we reported on the Thermomix, much praised for its versatility and time-saving ability. Since then you’ve asked us to look into the Thermochef, a similar appliance but less than half the price.

We compared the two along with another cheaper unit in our All-in-one-kitchen-machines.


The Thermochef comes with a mixing bowl, butterfly attachment, spatula, measuring cup and steamer. All parts are dishwasher-safe except the mixing bowl. 

The unit's scale allows you to reset to zero at any time to weigh in new ingredients, however you need to remove the mixing bowl from the base each time to place it on the scale, which isn’t ideal if you need to weigh during cooking. 

The heating element isn’t incorporated into the bowl like the Thermomix, sitting instead in the main unit. 

Performance and ease of use

The recipes supplied with the Thermochef are fairly limited and some may need modification. But once you’re familiar with the unit you can easily adjust recipes to suit. On the upside, it’s excellent for kneading, whisking, melting chocolate, mixing wet ingredients, grinding and milling, mixing thick batters and crushing ice.

The Thermochef has fairly clear labelling, push-button controls and a large digital display. Recipes with several steps require you to select the function, speed, time and temperature multiple times during cooking.

You also need to be at eye level with the digital display to view it properly. The lid, which must be locked into position to operate the unit, requires some strength to open and close and we found it difficult to fit (the same goes for fitting the steaming basket). It’s also noisy during operation, which can be irritating when you’re cooking for a longer period.  

The unit’s stainless steel exterior requires close attention when it comes to cleaning. To remove doughs and batters you can run through a cycle with water and detergent, however baked-on food can be difficult to remove from the bottom of the bowl.

For more information about the Thermochef and its competitors, see our All-in-one kitchen machine reviews.



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