Philips QuickClean Juicer first look

Philips claims that this juicer is so easy to clean that it can be done in under a minute.
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01.Philips HR1871 QuickClean centrifugal juicer


Price: $249

4 stars out of 5 

The hassle of cleaning up an electronic juicer is probably one of the reasons the manual citrus models still have a place in most kitchens. We decided to test Philips claim that the HR1871 is so easy to clean that it can be done in under a minute.

We put the juicer through our normal test program and it scores 83% overall, which is equal with the other top performers (Sunbeam JE4800 Juice drop and Breville BJE520 Froojie juice Fountain). 

When it comes to cleaning it has an edge on some others because the filter is smooth enough to allow wiping with a sponge or cloth and the whole assembly including the pulp container comes out in one unit, which makes transporting it to a sink easier. 

However, there are some cracks and crevices which can trap particles of food and the stainless steel motor housing will need some care. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe, but only on the top shelf.

It has a large chute and gives excellent results for orange as well as combined pineapple and watermelon juice, and very good results with carrots and apples. It has a large juice jug graduated to 1250ml, but you could fit more juice if you are willing to risk spilling some and a large pulp container as well – making it convenient if you’re juicing for a number of people.

On the down side, like many in this category it is bulky, juice can drip from the spout after processing, the locking arm requires some strength to position and the blades are accessible.

For more information and test results for over 20 other models see our Juicers article.

CHOICE verdict

It lives up to its easy to clean claim and it is possible to do so in less than a minute, but so are many others if you get them to the sink immediately after use. It’s a very good performer overall and definitely one to consider if you’re looking for lots of juice.


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