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There's room for improvement, but the MyCook has potential.
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MyCook Domestic 1600

Price $1840
3 stars out of 5

Warranty 1 year
Weight 7.6kg
Wattage 600W motor, 1000W heating
Dimensions (H x W x D, cm) 31 x 42 x 28 (excluding steamer)
Bowl capacity 2L

Manufactured in Spain, the MyCook Domestic is new to the Australian market. This multifunction cooking appliance can mill/pulverise/grate, mix, emulsify, knead, whip/beat, cook/heat, steam and chop and has an inbuilt scale. It’s very similar in function to the Thermomix CHOICE recently reviewed. However, the MyCook needs to improve in some areas if it wants to be at the same level as its rival.

The MyCook comes with a steamer, spatula and stirring attachment, as well as simmer basket/strainer and measuring cup. Its selling point is its integrated induction heating system. The machine heats to 120°C, has 10 speeds as well as a timer, kneading button and turbo function. The integrated scale is a great bonus feature, allowing you to weigh as you go. Our home economist, Fiona Mair, tested each function making a range of recipes and found that once she familiarised herself with the unit, it was excellent for performance.

When it comes to ease of use, the MyCook has room for improvement. The controls are labelled well and are easy to use but have cracks and crevices where dirt can accumulate. The lid requires a bit of strength to lock into position, and isn’t ideal if you have hand/wrist weakness. It’s also very noisy during operation – when mixing, the jug vibrates and when the cooling fan comes on it adds to the noise. Dough and heavy cake batters can be awkward to remove from the bowl, which is difficult to clean afterwards. However, you should be able to loosen the mixture by add water and detergent and running it through a cycle on speed six, making it easier to clean. All accessories except the blade are dishwasher safe and although the unit is bulky, all parts (except the steaming bowl) can be stored in the bowl.

The instructions and recipe book represent a case of ‘lost in translation’ as they have been translated directly from Spanish. Fiona found them to be a little unclear – some recipes have ingredients missing and are named incorrectly. Rely Services has informed CHOICE it aims to make changes here once it establishes a stronger market base.

CHOICE verdict

The MyCook Domestic has potential. It performs well and making improvements to the recipe book and instructions will make it much more user friendly. Like the Thermomix, it’s great for a busy family or the less experienced cook and saves time as you can set the timer and get on with other chores. It’s expensive, but could possibly replace a number of single-function kitchen appliances.

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