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We put electronic and mechanical kitchen scales to the test.
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  • Updated:5 Oct 2008



Test results for scales priced from $17-$160

If you’re the kind of cook who likes to work from a recipe then a good set of kitchen scales can be a real asset. Rather than having to try and convert grams to cups, or worse just hazard a guess at the amount of ingredients needed, a kitchen scale will make your cooking experience easier by providing an accurate measure.

If you are looking to buy a set of kitchen scales, you’ll need to consider the type of foods you like to cook before making a decision on which model to buy. If you tend to make dishes that require small amounts of some ingredients, such as bread, then a digital scale is the way to go.

They allow you to measure small amounts of ingredients precisely and accurately, usually providing a tare function to allow for continuous weighing. Digital scales are also more practical if you are on a diet where your calorie intake needs to be strictly monitored and relies on precise measurements of ingredients and meals.

On the other hand, mechanical scales can be useful if you are just looking to measure larger amounts of ingredients and don’t need to measure out small precise amounts.

Please note: this information was current as of October 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market. 

Brands tested


  • Breville Ikon BSK500
  • Kenwood Animation DS700
  • Propert Glass Top Digital 1350
  • Salter 1004SSDR
  • Salter 1020BKSSDR
  • Target Modern Living EK8250
  • Terraillon BOOK
  • Terraillon T898W+JUG
  • Tupperware Bake 2 Basics

Mechanical - Continuous Weighing

  • Kenwood Cuisine DS403
  • Propert with Microwave Bowl 930
  • Salter Aqua-weigh 800
  • Target Modern Living KCI-SSP

Mechanical - Non-continuous Weighing

  • Salter 094
  • # Terraillon Tradition 500

# Discontinued but may still be in stores.



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