Breville tea maker and kettle review

The latest kettle that also brews the perfect cup of tea.
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Breville Professional 800 Collection Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle BTM800

4 stars out of 5

Price $300
Weight (empty kettle not including base) 1.6kg
Capacity 1.5L maximum (for boiling water), 1.2L maximum (for tea making)

If you enjoy a good cup of tea, you'll know that loose tea offers superior quality to tea bags. According to Breville, manufacturer of this automatic tea-maker and kettle, "when teas are steeped for the right time and at the right temperature, it brings out their optimum flavour and aroma." With six tea-types (green, herbal, black, oolong, white and custom) and four strength (strong, medium, mild and custom) settings, you're sure to find your perfect brew with this product.

The body of this unit is mostly glass. Its stainless steel base has an LCD display screen that allows you to keep track of the process, and a series of button controls that are straightforward to read and use. As a rule of thumb, you should use one scoop of tea leaves per cup (approximately 250mL). The tea type you select will determine the brew temperature, while the tea strength determines the brew time. An immersed temperature sensor detects when the brew temperature is reached, at which point the tea basket automatically lowers into the water. Once the basket hits the bottom of the jug brew time begins, with its process tracked on the LCD screen. At the end of the brew time the basket automatically raises and the tea is ready to be poured into your cup.

The Breville can also be used as an ordinary kettle and compared with other kettles, is only OK for boiling time, taking more than three minutes to boil one litre of water. However, the whole-tea making process is complete in about five minutes, with a relatively large amount of tea prepared and ready to pour. It also features a “keep warm” function, whereby the brewed tea or heated water can stay warm for up to one hour. However, during this time the brewed tea will continue to develop flavour and may end up stronger than what you like.

Smaller particles of tea leaves can make their way through the filter of the tea basket, and even though there is an additional scale filter at the spout of the jug, if the particles are small enough they can also make their way through this secondary filter and into your cup. The appliance needs to be cleaned after each use, but there is a large opening into the jug once the lid and tea basket are removed, which easily fits a hand for cleaning.

CHOICE verdict

At $300 this is a fairly expensive benchtop appliance, but it’s worth considering if you’re always brewing tea with loose leaves instead of tea bags, especially for a large number of people. It’s perfect for a family of tea-lovers or in an office setting.



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