Kitchen appliances

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of kitchen appliances such as kettles, juicers, cooking utensils and bakeware.

Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker reviews

Pressure cookers are a fast means of cooking and a range of safety features ensure they won't explode.

19 Mar 2009 | Pressure cooking is often used to braise, stew and simmer as you would in a slow cooker but in a shorter period of time.

Shuttle Chef

Thermos Shuttle Chef quick review

Energy-efficient and portable, this slow cooker is handy at home and outdoors.

12 Feb 2009 | The Thermos Shuttle Chef consists of a steel cooking pot that fits inside an insulated outer pot.


Kitchen scales reviews

We put electronic and mechanical kitchen scales to the test.

5 Oct 2008 | If you’re the kind of cook who likes to work from a recipe then a good set of kitchen scales can be a real asset.

Health grill

Health grill reviews

They’re marketed as a healthy way to cook, but do you really need one?

17 Sep 2008 | Health grills, which started to appear on the kitchen scene in the '90s, generally make claims to reduce both cooking time and the amount of fat and oil in your food.

Tefal ActiFry

Tefal ActiFry quick review

Can you cook deliciously crispy, golden chips with only a spoonful of oil?

3 Sep 2008 | The TEFAL ActiFry cooks food with hot air and minimal oil, claiming to make crunchy fried chips with fewer calories.


Kitchen benchtops buying guide

Showing the way through the choice of kitchen benchtop materials.

1 Jul 2008 | The kitchen is often described as the heart of the family home. No longer just a place for cooking and washing-up, it’s become one of the key entertaining areas.

Daewoo pizza oven

Daewoo Pizza Microwave review

Short on space? A combination microwave pizza grill could be the answer.

16 Apr 2008 | If you don’t have room for a full-sized oven and don’t want to pay for a convection microwave, the Daewoo Pizza Oven Combo will make a crispier pizza than you’d get in a microwave.

Tefal Quick Cup

Tefal Quick Cup BR review

If you find yourself playing the waiting game for your favourite beverage, this kettle may be for you.

10 Apr 2008 | These days many of us are time-poor and environment aware, so any help we get to speed up a chore and reduce our energy footprint is welcome. The Tefal Quick Cup claims to help, producing hot water for a tea or coffee in a mere three seconds.

Toaster & toast

Two-slice toasters review

You can’t put a price on the smell of warm toast in the morning.

3 Mar 2008 | Like all modern household appliances, the pop-up toaster has evolved beyond its basic duties over time.


Kenwood Multipro Libra Food Processor review

A first look at this new processor.

9 Nov 2007 | Every good cook needs a kitchen scale and having one integrated into your food processor can make food preparation a breeze.

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