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Keep your living room cool this summer.
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  • Updated:26 Aug 2008

06.Cooling and heating tips

Whether or not you have an air conditioner, these tips will help you keep warm this winter and cool next summer (and if you do have one, it won’t have to work as hard).


  • The first step’s insulating your ceilings (and walls if possible).
  • Draughtproof your home.
  • Sensible clothing: Put on an extra jumper in winter rather than heat your home to a tropical temperature, and wear light clothing made from natural fibres in summer.
  • Contact your state or territory energy information centre for more tips.


  • Close the doors between heated and unheated rooms.
  • Only heat the rooms you're actually using.
  • For more information see Your heating options


  • Shading for east, north and west-facing windows helps prevent the sun’s heat from entering your home; outside shading is more efficient than internal blinds or curtains.
  • Try fans for a cooling effect.
  • Avoid activities that produce heat during the day.
  • For more information see Your cooling options

Warm House Cool House bookIn addition to the information on this site, you can find out more about keeping your home at a comfortable temperature using energy-efficient strategies in the CHOICE Book, Warm House, Cool House.

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