Independent and trusted tests, reviews and investigations of pool cleaning products and pool safety products.

Pool Fences

Pool fences review and compare

Are pool fences safe enough to keep up with changing regulations?

16 Sep 2014 | Whether you're a new pool owner or thinking about upgrading your old fencing, our test and checklists will help keep your family safe this summer.


Pool cleaners home test

The Bahls family throw six pool cleaners into the deep end to see which perform best.

10 Oct 2013 | We recruited the Bahls family - and their pool - to compare and review a pressure cleaner, two suction types, and three expensive robotic pool cleaners.

Pool cleaner

Pool cleaners review

Do automatic pool cleaners really clean your pool?

20 Jul 2008 | We subjected seven cleaners to difficult test conditions using a variety of common pool debris to see how they would cope.

Hand cupping clean pool water

Pool maintenance guide

If you have a swimming pool, cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keep the water safe.

3 Mar 2008 | From collecting leaves to keeping the chlorine levels stable, there is a huge range of tricks, tools and products to keep your pool in tip top shape.


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