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04.Community gardens

community vegetable garden

There’s also community gardens. These are on public land and anyone can join to grow, maintain and harvest vegetables, fruits and flowers. Check with your local council or online to find your nearest one.

Generally, each garden has a communal plot as well as individual allotments, for which you’ll usually pay more in membership fees, ranging from $15 to $100 a year. At most community gardens, members work together and share harvests, but each garden has its own unique culture.

At the Angel Street Permaculture Garden in Newtown, NSW, interested members are taken on a formal tour of the garden and its culture before they join the group. The Veg Out community garden in St Kilda, Victoria, has a more informal approach to new members, who simply have to register, turn up and help out for three working bee days.

You can also connect to a wide range of resources, from seed distributors to farmers’ markets, through a community garden. Veg Out, for example, organises a farmers’ market on the first Saturday of every month. 


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