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BBQs review

We test 27 barbecues priced between $179 and $2200 for performance and ease of use.
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01 .Introduction

BBQ review - plate of food

We review 27 barbecues priced between $179 and $2200.

Through our rigorous testing we reveal which barbecues:

  • have the best cooking performance, and
  • are the easiest to use.

On this page you'll find:

A portable barbecue may be ideal for an impromptu get together on the verandah and may even be a good option for a weekend camping getaway. However, when you need to satisfy a horde of hungry family members or friends, a large barbecue is hard to beat.

All the large BBQs in our latest test have at least four burners, except the Weber, which has three. But the Weber does have a sear burner.

Video: How we test BBQs

The CHOICE team take a look at the newest range of BBQs to hit the market, and also give insight into some of the best features available.

BBQ cooking methods

Options for BBQ cooking include a direct method with the lid open or indirect with the lid closed. The direct method relies on the heat of the hotplate to cook from below, which would be suitable for steaks, sausages and grilling vegies. 

The indirect method would be ideal for larger cuts of meat, such as a roast, by introducing a convection element to the process. 

This combines the efficiency of an oven with delivering that smoky BBQ taste that might be difficult to achieve in the kitchen. Of course, one of the other advantages of a barbecue is keeping your kitchen clean, cool and free from odours during the summer months.

Pizzas cooked in a barbecue have an extra tasty, wood-fire flavour. Consider also roasting your Christmas turkey – accompanied with a delicious and healthy char-grill vegetable salad – outside under a barbecue hood rather than turning your kitchen into a sauna from oven-baking.

These and other recipes can be found at Cook’s CHOICE. You might also want to read our article on barbecue safety. Also see our reliability survey to see how the various barbecue brands rate.

Brands and models tested

  • Beefeater Discovery 1100E
  • Beefmaster BR4CH
  • Cordon Bleu Deluxe CD4CWWH
  • Cucina Professional CC5RCSH
  • Discoverer G4DISK
  • Everdure Figura Esee
  • Gasmate Specialist 4Burner BQ8243 
  • Grilled M135-B-W (SKU 695929)
  • Jumbuck B145-13
  • Masport Elite Plus 552595
  • Masport Lifestyle 4 Hooded 552757
  • Matador Retro 4-BNR 3170423
  • Matador 4 Burner Grande BBQ
  • Rinnai GT114PHS
  • Tucker S Class
  • Turbo Classic 4 TCQ4CWWJ
  • Weber Family Q 320
  • Weber Genesis E330
  • Weber Spirit E320LP
  • Beefeater BUGG with stand 49920
  • Billabong G2BBTJ
  • Everdure E2GO E2GLPC098
  • Masport Raglan 552719
  • Weber Baby Q100E
  • Weber Q 200
  • Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill ZGTGRK
Discontinued models
  • Beefeater Sportzgrill Portable 2 Burner Gas Barbecue and Cooktop
  • Coleman RoadTrip Grill 9949-750XA
  • Cordon Bleu 4 CB4CWWH
  • Everdure Neo Buddy Patio NBUDLPC-09
  • Grilled Skew 657839 (4 burner de-luxe)
  • Patio by Jamie Durie Stainless Steel Chef BBQ code: 736 6222
  • Matador Executive MKII S/S MBQ1002
  • Masport Super Grande RBW 210
  • Turbo Classic 4 with Hood on Cart
  • Weber Family Q300 LP
  • Beefeater Discovery 2 Burner
  • Beefeater 900 Series 4 Burner 48942
  • Grandhall Neil Perry T-Grill
  • Sunbeam GB2100
  • Weber 57cm One-Touch Kettle with Gas Kit


How we test

Cooking performance
  • Our home economist, Fiona Mair, cooks steak and sausages with the hood open (unless the manual instructs otherwise), turning them once only. This quite severe test is to check how evenly the hotplate reaches and maintains a high temperature, and how well it controls flare-ups.
  • At home you may compensate for cool and hot spots by moving the food around.
  • Fiona roasts a whole chicken by placing it on a baking tray in the centre of the plates with the outside burners on medium heat, and the hood down.
  • She cooks marinated wings directly on the hotplate. The wings and roast are only turned once.
  • The roasting assesses the performance at moderate temperatures over a long period, while the marinated wings need a low temperature so the marinade doesn’t burn. Cooking in this way is comparable to cooking in an oven.
Ease of use
  • Fiona looks for easy access when moving and turning the food, and notes any discomfort such as hot smoke blowing into the face. She also looks at moving and cleaning the barbecue, how easy the controls are to use and how easily the gas bottle can be fitted.

For more information on Barbecues, see Backyard.


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